Ignorance is bliss

Do you ever wish you could un-know something?

Like, when you are enjoying a delicious hot dog, and then someone decides to tell you mid-bite that 1 in every 4 hotdogs has a rat hair in it.....

Yeah, just like that.

Oh, and I made up that hotdog/rat hair statistic so don't get all crazy about your frankfurters.

Anyway, in life, I would rather not know most things (like hot much rat hair could possibly in my food).

Plus, I feel like telling a pregnant lady unpleasant things is just cruel.

But my new mantra is "I can't worry about it."

So when our contractor told us that they found "quite a bit" of rat feces and tunnels in our basement, I pretended that I didn't hear them.  I mean seriously, who tells a pregnant lady that she may or may not have rats living in her basement?
I say may or may not because they can't be sure that there are actual rats living there now.  They could have once lived in the basement, many years ago, or could have been here last week.  We haven't done any in-depth rat-poop-inspections so we can't determine how old it is.

The good news, is that we haven't found any actual rats or new poop.

So I'm going with "we don't have rats, but we are getting an exterminator just to be safe."

Oh, and I'm not dealing with it.  I leave that up to the men in my life.  So basically, I should never hear the word rat again.  Ever. 

Just as soon as I have blocked the rats out of my subconscious, I get more news I don't want to hear.

We went to my weekly doctor appointment on Thursday as we sat down to chat I was so busy patting myself on the back for losing a pound that week (woo hoo), that I barely heard the doctor tell me my blood pressure was "really high."

I usually ignore it when they take my blood pressure because they always say "you're good."

This time they didn't say that, but I was basking in the glow of weight loss and couldn't be bothered with details of blood pressure.

I don't feel like I have high blood pressure.

I feel great (and lighter).

Heck I only have 24 days until my due date.  I am in the home stretch. Look at me winning pregnancy!
This dress was not made for pregnant ladies, I'm stretching it to capacity at 36.5 weeks.
I was not really planning on getting any news other than baby is ready and you look great, which is what I had been hearing at all my previous appointments.

Apparently high blood reassure can be very dangerous in pregnancy, and so I was sent home with orders to "take it easy" and to monitor my blood pressure every day and report back to my doctor.

I am not in the "scary zone" quiet yet, but I'm hovering right below it, so my doctor wants to take extra precautions.

I'm waiting to hear back from her about my results from over the weekend.

I'm thinking that bed rest may be in my future.

Which would allow me watch all the seasons of Lost.... so maybe it could be fun?

Or maybe I would die of boredom.

In a perfect world my BP would come down on its own and we can go back to life as usual for 3 more weeks until our life is turned upside down by a little baby.

If I could pretend I didn't know about my high blood pressure I would, but its one of those things I can't un-know.  Kind of like the rats.

So now I'm walking slower than I thought humanly possible, sitting or laying down all the time and trying not to do anything that could raise my blood pressure.

Oh, and I've convinced myself that apple crisp and ice cream every night for dessert is helping to lower my blood pressure.  

No one better tell me otherwise.