Ketchum proof

Do you have those projects at your house that start out with the best of intentions and then over a year later, you realized you bit off more than you could chew and the project STILL isn't done?

Yeah, that project for us is the backyard.

We had high hopes for a "quick and easy" project back there, but of course nothing is quick and easy in DIY.

You may remember when we started the backyard project (over a year ago).

Then we took down the carport that was made of PVC pipe and a huge white tarp.

Then the last phase of demo was to get rid of the black chain-link fence, and then the wood fence.

Once we took all the demo-ed fence pieces to the dump, we were able to start building our retaining wall with VERY heavy stone blocks.

Once the wall was done, we put in the stairs.

The next step was to fill the area with gravel (to support good drainage).

And then, the small step that held us up for MONTHS on end, was cementing the space between the wall and the stairs.

Chris finished the cement a few weeks ago, and then we got Ketchum, which made the fence timeline go into overdrive.  Getting a dog = needing a fence.

Which brings us to the recent update, that we had hired a real life contractor who could come in and accomplish what we never could- the final step of actually erecting a fence.

In a matter of 10 days, he brought in fill dirt to level out the yard. Yes, that is a dirt "shooter" that you see below, and yes again, that is the technical term.

So, obviously the dirt was a HUGE improvement, but at the same time, it was a horrible improvement, because that meant that Ketchum could literally walk straight out the back door and down the stairs into the alley.

He is really good about staying with us, but one day, when Chris was working in the basement/backyard he came out to find the dog GONE.

Yes, GONE.

He ran around the block yelling his name, looked all over the house and everywhere he could think of. Finally, he came home to find him running in the front yard like nothing happened at all.

That was the last time Ketch was allowed to be in the backyard unsupervised until the fence was complete. So you can imagine how pleased I was to see the fence go up in a matter of days.

It could be the most beautiful fence on the planet.  Seriously. It's gorgeous.
The final step was to assemble our new cedar shed we had ordered from Lowes.  Someday I'll tell you about the shed-saga, but for now, all you need to know is that it is WAY harder to assemble than advertised (not that I actually had a hand in any of the assembly) and that it is an economical choice (vs building one from scratch).

The shed is our pseudo-garage, and it is going to house all the garage-y things that we own. 

When I came home to find the fence and shed complete I did my happy dance and certified it "Ketchum Proof."  I'm a happy momma when I know my baby puppy can play out in the backyard and I don't have to worry about him getting out.

Ketchum is LOVING his new backyard just as much as we are. 


Although it's mostly a dirt yard right now, we are hoping to get grass planted next week, and soon, I'll get the inside of the shed organized... but for now, that is NOT a priority.  Closed doors hide everything (ain't that the truth).

Check one off in the "done" column under "longest project EVER."