Secret project: Phase 2- All jacked up

You know what I love about this basement remodel project?

I don't have to be involved at all.

I've been a bit distracted this last week, with baby Hunter demanding most of my attention, but yet, the progress in the basement keeps happening.

How great is that?

It feels nice to let my DIY side take a breather.

I can't lie, my neurotic-project-manager-everything-must-be-perfect side has been butting its nose into the construction, but I think the construction guys know just to smile and nod at me, pet Ketch and compliment the baby, and eventually I will go away.

Speaking of the baby.  Here's a picture of our little blue-eyed guy. Lets be honest, he is way cuter than photos of the basement.
Thanks to Aunt Keely for the screen-print onesie.  I can confirm that there is indeed a party around 2am in his crib.
OK, back to the basement construction.

I left off with Chris' demolition derby that happened a few weekends ago.

The next step was to take out the beams that were supporting the whole house, which would make the space wide open and useable as a big family room.
Bye Bye Beams!
This part was the scariest for me since it seemed like one wrong move and the whole house could have come down. Thanks goodness these guys are professionals.

The plan was to remove the vertical support beams (the red squiggly ones), then remove the horizontal beam they were supporting and replace it with a new, more sturdy beam that would be held up by new vertical beams on either end, thus creating a large open room.

They brought in these silver jacks in and started supporting the house with them, so they could take out the vertical beams.

In case you were wondering, like I was, yes- we were allowed to be home when they did this.  Apparently our weight doesn't make much different in the big scheme of house weight.

Once they jacked it up and took out the vertical beams, they were ready to cut out the old horizontal beam (that happened to be 3 small beams put together (not the sturdiest construction). They replaced the horizontal beam with 1 large piece of wood that now runs the span of the basement.
This is the new beam going in.
Voila!  Just like that, we have a large open room without any horizontal beams chopping the room in half.

Are you starting to see the room come together??

I think this is one of those times you have to look with your imagination. 

Now that the support beams are not cutting up the big room, it is one large open space down there.  We will have a family room with a kids play room in the back.  

Now that the beams are down, we are starting to get excited for this space.  

Only one more month to go.