Just another manic Monday

Happy Monday.  

Hope you enjoy a little Bangles music for your mid-Monday entertainment.  I know I do.

A funny note about this song.  When I was 7 years old, my best friend and I LOVED this song.  Seriously loved it.  

We taped it from the radio onto a cassette and would listed to it over and over and over while jumping on the bed in her basement singing at the top of our lungs "Its just another MAN NAMED MONDAY... oooohhhh oh woooah."

Yep, all those men named Monday running around out there.

It was MANY years later that I realized it was not a song about a mysterious man named Monday.

What a let down.

There should really be a song about a man named Monday.

Anyway, I digress.

Today, I'm playing catch up from my weekend.

So although today is not that "manic," yesterday certainly was.

Our weekends have become half productive and half laziness.

We realize every day that TODAY could be our last day to lay on the couch and watch TV (mostly football), and take naps and not care about anything.

Seriously, this whole waiting to go into labor thing is very strange.  It could happen today, or tonight, or tomorrow, or heck- sometime next week (please, not next week)!

I'm technically due in 4 days.  So baby-watch 2012 has officially kicked into high gear.

Every time I have a painful look on my face, Chris turns to me and asks "contraction?"  To which I respond, "I'm not sure."  Honestly, how do you know?

I've had lots of painful and uncomfortable stuff going on lately, so who knows, they could be contractions, or it could just be the baby failing all of it's limbs at once (which happens multiple times a day- seriously this baby is trying to climb out).  I'm guessing I will just know when the real deal comes along.

So, while we are waiting for contractions and this whole giving birth thing to start, we were laying on the couch cheering on the Seahawks and I mentioned to Chris that it smelled like poop.

Note- if you don't like poop, I would stop reading now.

Since my nose can pretty much pick out any scent within 500 yards these days, Chris isn't quick to worry about what I'm smelling. 

Luckily, the smell was short lived and I fell asleep for a glorious 2 hour nap.  Clearly, not that worried about it.

When I woke up, I smelled it again.

Now, with renewed energy, I went on a "poop hunt." Basically, I went around the house checking the bottom of all shoes, and sniffing for the source.

While I'm running around with my nose in the air, sniffing like a mad woman, Chris yells from the living room that he's "found it."

And by "found it" he meant that I should check the bottom of Ketchum's paw.

So really, I "found it."

Yep, Ketchum was the carrier of dried poop.

How long had it been there and what had he contaminated with his "poop foot?" 

Although I will never know how long it had been there, I quickly started finding things that were contaminated.

Floors, the couch, throw pillows & blankets from our couch, the duvet on our bed and our bed pillows (yes I said our PILLOWS).

So after rounding up all the poop encrusted items, including the puppy himself, I set to work cleaning EVERYTHING.

This is not nesting.  This is operation-get-the-poop-gone.

First order of business was to get Ketchum in the bath STAT.

So, him and I had some lovely time in the bath, scrubbing, soaking and sudsing the poop off his paw (and anywhere else it could be hiding), and then the tedious process of getting him dry before he inevitably takes off running through the house to "dry himself" on all our soft surfaces (ie: the bed, the living room rug, the upstairs carpet etc).

So once he was clean and dry, Chris took the dog into "quarantine" upstairs, while I stripped all the pillows, blankets, etc and began my first of four loads of "poop laundry." 

Then I systematically washed all the floors and scrubbed the leather couch.

On the up side, everything is sparkling clean.

On the down side, I missed out on hours of the lazy Sunday I was planning on enjoying.

For your sake, I hope you had a poop-free weekend.  

Happy Monday.  

Can you do me a favor?  Can you think "going into labor thoughts" for me?  Thanks!