Baby Watch 2012: Welcome to the World

Its a................BOY!

After 40 long weeks of cooking, our son decided to finally make his debut.

I told you it was a boy!  Glad to see I have some sort of motherly intuition.

Hunter West Rossman joined our family just 43 minutes after his due date (fashionably late of course), at 12:43am on Saturday October 6, 2012.

We are still living in the no-sleep-haze and adjusting to our new lifestyle.

We couldn't be happier, and Ketchum has been great with Hunter- they are going to be best friends.

Our first family photo. One of us is feeling VERY tired... can you guess who?
I'll be back soon with details on Hunter's arrival, updates to the basement project and an overload of baby and puppy pictures...just as soon as I get some sleep.