Setting the mood

OK, I'm finally getting around to making a plan for the nursery.

I have had the ideas floating around in my head for months, but finally I sat down and dropped all my ideas onto a virtual mood board, which is kind of like a collage.

This is my first mood board, and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the website Olioboard.  I just googled "create my own mood board" and I found this site and was very happy with it.

It is an online mood board site, much like Pinterest, but instead of pinning individual pictures to a board, you can create an online collage out of multiple pictures.

They also track back to where the item was from along with the price of what that item costs.

Isn't that cool?

I think so. Anything that makes my life easier is cool to me.

That way, I don't have to keep track of everything I put on my board, I can track back through my board and purchase items if I want.

So, after 8 months of waiting, here is the nursery to-be.
So basically, it is grey and white with accents of purple and yellow (like the University of Washington Huskies).

Gender neutral for Oscar/Oscarina and just enough purple and gold yellow to make it personal and fun.

We have exactly 5 items from that mood board.  6 if you count paint in the cans (not on the walls).

My parents bought us the crib (thanks Mom & Dad), which is currently in the box in our office, the dresser is coming from the guest room (which is from my very first "I live on my own bedroom set" from my very first apartment), the rocking chair is from my grandma but is still in progress, the Husky piggy bank has been around for over a year (in hopes of Oscar/Oscarina) and the white book shelf is also in a box in the office.

At least that is some progress.

In case you were wondering what the nursery looks like now, here are the before pictures.

It may take all 6 weeks to get to the "afters."