Mischeif & Mystery

I could go on for posts and posts about how cute our newest family member (Ketchum) is.  Not to mention smart and charming and totally cool. 

Can you tell we are enamored with this little guy?

I do realize that everyone thinks that their kid/pet is THE BEST ever. So, instead of telling you all his amazing talents, lets talk about his quirks.

Our puppy has gotten into his mischievous stage.  I think that means he is a teenager now...

He is 98% well behaved.

Then there is the 2% when he is less well behaved.

To be fair, he is only 13.5 weeks old and he's only being living with us for 4 weeks, so being perfectly behaved is a bit much to expect this early.

Plus, his cute puppy face makes up for most all of his naughty deeds.

Speaking of naughty deeds:

Exhibit A:  "I enjoy digging holes and ripping up the weed blocking fabric in the back yard." Each afternoon I have to run around the backyard picking up ripped pieces, trying to catch him to pull the fabric out of his mouth and tell him no. Who knows how much fabric he has ingested at this point.

Exhibit B: "I think EVERY stuffed animal in this house is mine.  Oscar/Oscarina may as well give them all up now."

Exhibit C: "Digging is my favorite past time, and I recently discovered Mom's planter boxes." So much for fresh veggies this year.

Recently he has started walking around the house and grabbing things he knows he is not supposed to have, then taking off like a shot to hoard them in the backyard.  We caught him with a high heel, Kleenex, his blanket, a plate and even a mortgage bill.

What we are more concerned about, is what we didn't catch him with.... that is where the mystery comes in.

We have officially lost our TV remotes from our bedroom.  They were there one night and gone the next day.

We have looked high and low in the bedroom and even in places the remotes don't belong (the bathroom, the fridge, our drawers etc), but they are no where to be found.

Which leads us to the conclusion that they fell prey to some ultimate puppy mischief.  I think he took them outside and hid/buried them.

I have searched in the backyard, but have found nothing.  There are a ton of hiding places in the backyard, so they could be anywhere. I'm hoping he digs them out soon and I catch him chewing on them in the backyard. 

Even though he has been getting into a bit of mischief, he has lot of great qualities and he is learning every day.  We are trying to be diligent with helping him understand what is ok and what is not. 

How can you get mad at this face????