Baby steps

I have a confession to make.

Actually 2 confessions that are kind of connected.

First off.  I'm bad at math.

It wasn't always this way.  I was good at math at one point, but somewhere along the line, it seems that I made a decision to fill my mind with other information (like pop culture trivia) and let math go by the wayside.  Perhaps it is because Chris is really good at math, so I assumed that I didn't need to be good at it anymore.

I think it's the same way how he assumes he doesn't have to be good at cleaning toilets or doing the laundry because I am so good at those things.

So this leads me to my second confession.

I've been neglecting my child.

Yes, my unborn child.

Back when I first found out I was pregnant, I counted down the weeks waiting for the exact moment when I could share the news with our friends and family.  Each day dragged on and on and a week took FOREVER to end.

I carefully monitored pretty much everything about the baby- when I could first feel him/her move, how big he/she was getting, and all the new things he/she was learning while cooking in there.

Then we got a puppy.

I can only assume that I had a very accelerated version of having one child, then getting pregnant with your second child.

In short, the unborn baby got put on the back burner while I attended to my furry baby's every need.

All of a sudden, days were running together, weeks were over in the blink of an eye and all of a sudden my doctor is talking about being only weeks away from full term (37 weeks).


Back to my confessions- math skills and child neglect...

I realized a week ago that I had NO IDEA how far along I was.

Somehow I lost count of both how many weeks along and how many weeks to go.  So, I tried to do the math, which was woefully unsuccessful.

I won't even try to describe how I couldn't figure out the math (technically it wasn't math, it was just counting).  It was a horrible combination of pregnancy brain and poor math (counting) skills, coupled with confusing notes I had made on my calendar.

Unfortunately Chris had stopped keeping track as well (he is also neglecting our baby), but with both of our brains working on what was apparently the hardest math problem in the world, we figured it out. Thank goodness.  

How embarrassing it is when people ask you how far along you are and you can't answer that question- but yet, you can tell them how many poops your puppy had that day.  Oh the glamorous life of being me.

We actually realized that we had "lost a week" somewhere in the fog of early morning potty breaks, puppy training and the fast pace of regular life. 

So all of a sudden we were 1 week closer to Oscar/Oscarina joining the family.

It's kind of awesome.  Like when you wake up thinking it's Friday and you drag yourself out of bed to get in the shower, but then you realize it's Saturday and you run back to bed.  Score!

That is how it felt, mixed with some guilt about essentially loosing track of our child. Its not exactly like we forgot his/her birthday or anything, we just forgot how close it was.

So, back when I told you I only had 12 weeks left (and to compliment me all the time) I was actually a week off.  I only had 11 weeks left.

And now, coming to you live from today, I have 7 weeks and 6 days left.
Hawaiian themed BBQ at work for Seafair Weekend

That seems like it is REALLY close.

You would think that would light a fire under us. Right?

Well.... its more like we went and bought a box of matches and are thinking about lighting one.  There is no actual fire in sight.

Poor baby Oscar/Oscarina.

This whole nesting thing should kick in soon right?

I guess it's not that I'm not interested in nesting, I want to do it.  Actually, if I'm being honest, I want someone else to do it.  If I could have a team of people come over and get all of my to-do's checked off, I would be in a dream world.

But so far, no one has shown up at my door with a team of designers and offered to overhaul my nursery.

So, we are working on baby steps (pun completely intended).

We got some paint samples.
Then we narrowed them down.
And then we got stuck in indecision.
But we were impressed with our progress (and our ability to make some decisions).
No, we have not actually chosen "THE" paint colors or even cracked open a paint can.

But we are making progress. Slow, but sure progress.

Anyone want to weigh in on color choices? We need one "grey" and one "white".....
I'm hopeful that we will make a decision this weekend and even get some paint on the walls, but to be honest, we have quite a few "secret" projects that we have to tackle this weekend.  And by secret I mean, I haven't gotten around to chatting about them yet, but I will soon!

Heck, maybe I'll get ambitious and finally get a mood board together.... or not.  We are heading on vacation for a week in late August, so maybe that will be when I get around to finalizing my design plans.

I'm thinking September is going to be a BUSY month, when it truly sinks in that we have 4.5 weeks until this baby will be here (if everything goes according to plan).

September will also be the month that will hence forth be known as "Calling-in-favors-month." 

Family & friends, you have been warned.