The world is ending, and it is covered with white fluffy stuff.  

It's snow-pocalypse in Seattle.

And I love it.

I seriously love myself a snow day.  It makes me remember what it was like to be little and wake up early to get the news that school was canceled, which meant for us, that my mom would bundle us up (much like the kid in a Christmas Story), and send us out in the yard to build snowmen to our hearts' delight (or until our fingers and toes went numb).

Unfortunately (and sometimes fortunately),  in today's 24 hour plugged-in world, I have the capability to work from home.  Which puts an unequivocal end to "the snow day," because even if I can't won't leave the house to drive 35 minutes to work, I can sign on via the web and virtually be in my office, on my computer, listening to the office Mus-ak and finishing my daily work.

Today was my lucky day. My work closed actually closed down. This gave me a free pass to suit up and pretend to be an overdressed 8 year old all over again wishing I had used the restroom before I fully zipped up.

At first, I was basking in the glory of all the nothingness.  I had NOTHING to do.  Nothing I tell you.

Well, nothing I NEEDED to do.

Lets be honest here, there is always SOMETHING to do.

But, today, I had nothing to do.

So I watched Toddlers in Tiaras.

It was all sorts of fabulous.

So I watched 4 episodes.

Then I realized I hadn't showered and I had been laying on the couch for 4 hours.

So I showered.

Then I watched some more TV.

I was probably loosing brain cells and gaining weight simultaneously while laying there for hours on end (I'm sure the bowl of Ferrero Rocher's didn't help either).

So in the early afternoon I decided it was time to get myself together.  

I was wasting the day.

So I bundled, grabbed a cookie sheet and my friend Lauren and headed out.

Destination sledding.

I decided to document the trip, as this is the most exciting thing I have done in DAYS!
If it snows again tomorrow, I think I will do something productive.  Maybe.

Happy Snow Day!