A new 'do

Who doesn't need a little sprucing up each new year?  Blogs, are like people, and we all need some new clothes and hair every once in a while.

Well, I'm a bit behind, but at least it's still January.

I'm still working at my resolutions. People usually give up by February right?  I'm hoping to blow right past the give-up point.

Here's the resolution run-down:

I've been running at least once a week (check).

I've been complimenting others and myself (check).

Complete a challenge- I've been loosely following this month's financial challenge on Good.is, but I've not been so great about accomplishing the daily goals.  I'm going to get on that horse NEXT month.

I completely abandoned the daily calendar thing.  Maybe next year.

I haven't picked up my camera at all, but I've got lots of time for that.

The backyard and the dog kind of go hand in hand, and there has been no movement on either...yet.

Tell me you are all somewhere in the middle like me?  

Over achieving is just not going to be on my list this year.