Holiday Hang-over

If you are anything like me I am still not quite over the holidays.  I'm stuck in a Holiday hang over that is lasting weeks.  I'm guessing it takes an equal amount of time to get out of the fog as it took to get in it.  If that is the case I still have a few weeks to come out from the over-indulgence fog that I'm living in.

I can't bring myself to do any Christmas clean up.
We are THOSE people.  We still haven’t taken down our Christmas decorations or outdoor Christmas lights.
We kind of have an excuse.  We were out of town for the last week enjoying the beautiful city of Sun Valley, Idaho.  We left 3 days after Christmas and just got back on Thursday night. 
I had meant to take everything down this weekend, but it just didn’t happen. 
Actually, just thinking about it makes me tired.
I’m still mentally on vacation, and I’m not quite up to dismantling the Christmas tree or climbing on ladders quite yet.
Is next weekend too late???
I noticed the house down the block with the giant blow up Santa snow globe had taken all their obnoxious decorations down already.  They were kind of my compass for this sort of thing.  If they still had giant blow up Santas in their yard, my garland and lights could stay.  But now, they have turned the tables on me. 
How does next Saturday sound for getting it all down?
I think I heard somewhere that January 15th is the socially accepted deadline for all Holiday decorations to come down.  Is that true or did I just make that up?  Is it like “no white pants after labor day” (if you own white pants, you probably shouldn’t EVER wear them)- is it a generally accepted rule or will people look down on me for it?
Home ownership.  Such pressure.
It was actually kind of nice to come home from vacation to see Harry the-topsy-turvy-tree twinkling (and still standing).  I think I will actually miss him when he’s gone.  We’ve been through so much with him, it will be sad to see him go.
Before I can really take the tree down, I will be required to put away all the presents that have taken up residence under him.
Where does all this stuff go?
I’m not great at putting things away in a timely manner.
I AM great at stacking things.
All the Christmas decorations and storage boxes- STACKED
Case and point.  These are all the kitchen gifts we got for Christmas.  Instead of taking them out of their packaging and find them homes in our cupboards, I stacked them in the kitchen (which is close to put away right?).
Really good at stacking things
Speaking of not putting things away, I have decided that our guest bedroom would be more aptly named our suitcase room.  Anytime we go anywhere, Chris (my suitcase hauler), will carry them upstairs and dump them in the guest room.  
That is 2 suitcases, a ski bag and he has a duffel on his back
They usually stay there unpacked for a few weeks until I go to wear something and can’t find it, then realize its in the unpacked suitcase and finally force myself to empty them.
How long will it stay like this?
Then, once I do empty them, I stack them in the hall for Chris to take them up to the 4th floor (also known as the attic).
Why don’t I just take them to the attic myself?  Because I’m really good at stacking. 
And I’m lazy.
And I can only accomplish one cleaning related task per day.
And Chris hates it when I stack things in the hallway, so by time I get around to putting them away. He will have already done it.
It’s a great system we have here.  Like a well oiled machine.
I think I secretly don’t want to unpack because then it feels like vacation is really truly over (as if the flight home, schlepping of bags, and the loads of laundry weren’t enough to signify that we were back to the real world).
In the spirit of extending vacation, here is a recap in photos.
Cheering on the Huskies in the Alamo Bowl
Sun Valley Lodge
Snow Shoeing at Galena
Snow shoeing with a baby
Skate Skiing at SV Lodge
Hike above Hailey
Schooners at Grumpy's in Ketchum
Taking the baby out for a fancy dinner
Whiskey Jacques for Zach's birthday