Resolutions a'plenty

Every year on this day people start throwing out lofty resolutions for the new year.  Everyone wants to change, be better, be greater, make better decisions and all around be fabulous in the new year.

Sounds nice huh?

I actually had a pretty great year this year, so I just am hoping for more of the same. I don't plan on making any lofty resolutions this year. 

Have I ever been one of those lofty-resolvers?  Yes.

Am I still a lofty-resolution maker? No.
I do try to set some goals for the year that I can actually accomplish.  I also want to challenge myself each year and try some new things.

The only past resolution I even remember is from 2010, when I resolved to stop biting my nails for good.  It has actually stuck with me and for the last 2 years.  I still bite on a rare occasion, but most of the time, I've got bite-free nails.

This year, I'm setting some goals for myself. Just some things I want to try to accomplish.  Some make my home better, some make my body better and some hopefully make the world better.

Nothing too fancy, or hard to achieve, but if I say it out loud (or online), I hope that I can make them happen.
Run a half marathon
When there is a will, there is a way.... for those of you that don't know, I went into running-retirement a year and a half ago after running my fourth half marathon.  My knees had given out on me and I had severe tendinitis in both knees. In the last few months my knees have felt amazing.  I'm high-fiving my homeopathist on that one.  The remedy really worked to heal my knees (I'm still waiting on my face).

Finish the back yard project-
This is going to go down in the record books as the longest project known to mankind.  Our backyard is still not finished, it's in a constant state of partial done-ness.  This year, it will become fully done- one way or another.  All we need is a fence and some new grass.  We can make this happen.
We are only slightly more done than this photo shows
Adopt a dog-
After much deliberation and consideration, we have decided that we want to adopt a dog.  We are golden retriever lovers and we are going to find one who needs a good home.  We ideally want to find one under 4 years old, and our friends recently turned us onto the Golden rescue in our area.  As soon as we can accomplish the back yard project, we will get a pup to join our clan.

Start a revolving calendar journal-
I've never been into journaling, I always forget to do it.  In a way, I guess this is like a journal, but I'm thinking of trying something I saw on Pinterest.

The project is from DesignSponge
Its a running calendar where I would write down a sentence about the day, and the longer I use it, the more memories I'll capture.  I like the idea of being able to look back and remember what I was doing each day- even it's a small thing like grabbing coffee with a friend.

I plan to use photos from each month as markers, instead of post cards, and I'm sure I'll put my own spin on it.  This will be my first project of the new year (can you feel the anticipation building??).
Learn how to take professional quality pictures-
I have always been interested in professional photography and I actually took a class last year.  This year, I'm going to take more classes and even go learn from some photographer friends. I don't want to BE a photographer as, but I want to take amazing pictures.

Take the challenge-
Last, but not least, I want to participate in some challenges.  Something that makes the world a better place- one day or week or month at a time. The website issues a 30 day challenge each month.  Sometimes the daily challenge is easy, sometimes it is hard, but it always is good- and makes the world better in a small way.  I'm jumping on the good band wagon.

I'm not saying I will do every challenge, or that I will even finish a full month of them.  I will at least try.

This month, to kick off the challenges,  I'm issuing my own challenge to myself and anyone who cares to participate.
Each day this month (starting today) pay 2 compliments (or more).  1 compliment has to be to someone else- a friend, a family member, a stranger (who doesn't love a compliment from a complete stranger).  The other compliment has to be to yourself.

When was the last time you complimented yourself?

If you are anything like me, you haven't done it lately. 

So lets start complimenting.
If you are still in need of a resolution, check out this site.  They have some pretty inspiring lists and ideas.  You can easily find a resolution there.

If you are not into resolutions, then wait a few weeks and everyone will stop talking about them.

Regardless of resolutions, cheers to the year ahead. May it be great in all respects.