Free & clear

I love free stuff.

Who doesn't?

I mean, I don't love free stuff if its crap- like free pens or sticky notes, but if I get something for free that I would usually pay for- that is like the holy grail of free stuff.

Actual good free stuff is hard to come by, but when it comes, you have to take some time to appreciate it. Put good free-stuff vibes out into the universe and hope that more free stuff comes to you.

When I got into this blogging thing, I envied all the other bloggers getting free stuff sent to them to review.

Would I like West Elm to send me free furniture to try out and review?  Seriously, is that even a real question?

Heck, I would love it if someone send me toilet paper to review.  I would review the crap out of that toilet paper (pun intended).

But so far no one wants to send me anything.

Apparently my milkshake is not calling the boys to the yard.  Or something like that.

So here I am today. No free toilet paper to speak of, but don't worry, I've got something better.

Three words.


Yep, it's pretty much the holy grail- beside the actual holy grail which would be along the lines of a free vacation to test out luxury accommodations in a tropical paradise (which I'm totally available for).

I've been gobbling up GS cookies since I was born.... I think my grandma has had Thin Mints as a staple in her freezer since 1980 (new boxes each year).  In our family, it was girl scout cookie time all year round (and they freeze so well).

Anyway, when the Girl Scouts of Western Washington announced they were holding a contest for bloggers to come up with the best recipe using girl scout cookies I was intrigued.  

When I found out I got to pick 5 free boxes of cookies I was over the moon.

Where do I sign up?

No, really.  Sign me up now.  Before they change their mind.

Do they realize they are giving away free cookies???

Honestly, I would have participated just because I think it's fun- and I would have bought my own cookies (don't tell them that, I don't want them to take their cookies back).

Lets get this straight- they are giving away 5 boxes of my favorite cookies; I could win up to $250 AND 24 extra boxes of cookies; and I get to eat my way through 5 boxes of cookies all in the name of taste testing & recipe science???
I'm in.  In a BIG way.

Even better, the Girl Scouts headquarters is in Queen Anne- so conveniently located.  I was able to swoop up my freebies on my way to spin class.

Yep, I took this photo from my car.... I didn't want to seem creepy
I was a bit nervous to pick up my cookies.  I kept thinking that they would figure out that I'm not famous nor an amazing cook, but clearly I had them fooled.

They actually knew my blog's name, and even had checked it out.

Maybe I AM famous.

At least with the Girl Scouts.

Heck, I'll take it.  And their free cookies too.

I giddily drove out of the parking lot, with my bag full of cookies, pretty darn happy.

I've been brain storming recipe ideas all night.  

Chris even joined in on the fun. Mostly, he is enjoying taste testing of all the cookies. 

I think we have some good ideas, but I can't spill the beans quite yet.

I have to submit my final recipe in the next two weeks, so I will be making my world into a test kitchen this weekend and trying out all sorts of flavor combinations.

I am not going to make a dessert, I think that is a bit of a cop out.

I'm planning on making a dinner entree of some sort.  Make it challenging.

So if you have any brilliant ideas, send them my way.  

I'll share my cookies with you!