Wiping the sleep out of my eyes

Guess who's been busy?  Yep, this girl.

I have been so busy that sleeping has fallen to the bottom of my list.

My mom told me yesterday, that I "didn't look as tired" and that "I must have gotten some sleep."  Apparently that is the nice equivalent of saying  that the last time she saw me I looked like total crap.

I can always count on mom for telling it like it is.  Thanks Mom.

What can I say, I was tired.  So tired, I wore glasses most of the week to hide the bags under my eyes.  That's a little pro tip I learned while working 14 hour days at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in college.  Throw on a pair of glasses and not only look smart, but WAY less tired.

This week, I'm refreshed. Kind of.  It's only Monday.  Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Really what I meant to say was- sorry I haven't posted since LAST Monday.  I know I kind of made a 4-post-a-week-minimum-rule for myself.  Sorry I broke my own rule.  I think I'm apologizing to myself at this point.

Apology accepted.


Lets get down to the root of the problem.

Why was I so tired?

Well.  Party planning is tough business.

Yep.  Now, is the time you can feel sorry for me.

Mini violins and all that right?  Yeah, I figured.  Even Chris has given up on feeling sorry for me.  Not that he ever did. 

You see.  I plan events for work.  Then I plan events for life.  I only get paid to do the former.  Sometimes life and work intersect in the most awful fashion, and I end up double...triple...quadruple booking events for myself.  Woops.

The last 3 weeks have been event-tastic. 3 charity events (1 planned and 2 attended), 1 baby shower planned, 1 HUGE work contest launch, 3 contest events planned (which I couldn't even attend).

NOW do you feel sorry for me?

Yeah, me neither.  I bring this on myself. 

I love me a party. 

I really do.  I love all the small details and I love the when people enjoy themselves. Then I love to look at the pictures!

To prove to you how busy I was, here are a few pics from the various events.

You can't have a Cupcakes & Clothes baby shower without glittery cupcake name tags.  Right?

Do these remind anyone else of sorority recruitment????
I'm pretending that I meant to do dots-stripe-strip-dots. Woops.

Who can pass up a brownie pop in a bud vase?
Gotta have cupcakes.

Adorable.  I didn't make them.  I wish I had.
Auctions are so fun.  Especially when you win things....and when there is an open bar. Just saying....

Glasses at an event when working. Bunnie, not working & looking well rested.

I didn't win this.  But I LOVE putting baskets together.

Dessert dash.  Delicious.
Those are some tired eyes....

Skott wins!
See.... does that prove my busy-ness? 

I'll stop apologizing and just be better about posting.

I'm certain I'm not the only one running around crazy busy this time of year.  Commiserate with me.  I'll feel sorry for you if you feel sorry for me.