It gets better, I hope

Everyone has their thing.  You know, the thing they would change about themselves if they could.

Well mine is my skin.

I have struggled with my skin since I was very young.  I have everything from allergies to sensitivities to acne.

I have perhaps the most sensitive skin EVER. 

When I was younger, my skin would welt, rash and bump with the slightest touch.  I couldn't wear certain fabrics, tags in shirts created huge red patches and I certainly couldn't spray perfumes directly on my skin (without exploding into hives).

So, when I became I teenager I should have fully expected that my face would break out as well.

It did.  It wasn't pretty.

I went to doctors, took medicine- some worked, some didn't. 

I went to more doctors, I tried stronger medicine.  It worked. Then it didn't.

I have been on a roller coaster of zits and skin issues for 15 years.  I'm ready to get off.

I mean, come on.... 30 year old acne is NOT going to be hot, and I only have a few years before that is a reality. 

I stopped taking all my face medicines (yep, that is a technical term) back in January and hoped and prayed that clearing my system of medications would make my body clear it up on its own. 

Apparently hoping and praying about skin doesn't work.  My skin got WORSE.  Much worse.

At first I thought it was a reaction to going off the medicines, but now I realize (10 months later), that this is how bad it probably would have been without the medicine all these years.

Let me tell you.  Acne at this age is much more embarrassing than it was when I was a teenager.  At least back then, everyone else had it too.  Now, I sit in business meetings and hope that people aren't staring at my zits.

So whats a girl to do?

I decided to try something new, and something way out of my comfort zone.  I found a Homeopathic doctor and I'm starting homeopathic treatment next week.

I've been generally skeptical about all things naturopthic, but I am pretty much ready to try anything.  heck, I'm even willing to get acupuncture if it will work (mind you I am deathly afraid of needles).

I found a wonderful homeopathic doctor in my neighborhood and went in for my first appointment last week. 

What I learned is that they take in to account everything about you before deciding on a remedy.  So my first 90 minute appointment was a "get to know you" session.

She asked me TONS of questions about my medical history then more specific ones like if I'm generally warm or cold (cold), if I feel thirsty often (never), or if I have any troubles sleeping (nope).

I felt like I was acing a test.  It's pretty easy to answer questions about yourself.

Then she asked me "Tell me what you are like."

I actually didn't know what to say. 

I realized that I have never been asked that before.  I hadn't even really considered that question before.

I paused before I answered because she was not asking me what I liked, but what I am like.

I got all nervous, like I was flunking a test.  From what I remember this is what I said....

I'm very sarcastic and enjoy being the person who makes people laugh.  I want people to like me and I feel bad when they don't. 
I am optimistic and plan everything. I embrace that everything happens in it's own time, but that won't stop me from planning for it.

After the appointment, I left feeling awesome.  I think what I was feeling was hopeful.  I really believe that this could work, and that I could have clear skin.

I also realized I was still thinking about that question- what am I like.  I asked Chris about that when he got home and I told him my answer.  He laughed and told me I missed huge parts of what I am like.  I realized that if I got to answer the question again, I would change my answer... actually, I would just add to it.

So here is my do-over.  This is what I think I am like.

I love being cozy and being around people is when I am happiest. 
I am very happy, lighthearted, friendly and fun to be around. 
Being social comes naturally, but meeting new people is hard for me.
I get anxious about being late. 
I'm extremely stubborn and a bit spiteful.
Making everyday life funny is my forte.
 I take care of other people.
I am a good listener and a good talker. 
Doing things for others makes me feel good.
I realize that I can't please everyone and don't try to.
I don't worry about things that I can't change.
I say what I mean when I mean it.  I say things that are true, but sometimes are also mean; that isn't my intention. Sometimes I forget to filter myself- this has been a problem since I was a kid.
I get upset when my expectations for something don't live up to reality.
I enjoy when others are proud of me and spend a lot of time making sure that I make the people in my life proud. I tend to feel pressure to be perfect as a result.
I find it easier to express judgements than compliments.
I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I'm sure I will keep thinking about this question and adding to it for weeks, but this is a pretty good start.  Feel free to tell me if you think I missed anything.

Ok, now it's your turn to answer the question.

What are you like?

I'm dying to know.