If you host it, I will come.

Recently my most favoritist store opened in Seattle. 

Yes, favoritist is totally a word.  If bootylicious is a word, I think we can all agree that we can let favoritist sneak through the cracks.

In case you haven't been reading my blog, talking to me on the phone, or stalking me on facebook- you may not know which store I'm referring to.  I apologize to all my friends who have had to deal with my insentient talking about this store.

I die.

If you haven't got on the West Elm band wagon yet, I'm not sure what you are waiting for.

I am on the wagon and I'm perhaps leading the charge. Join me.

I'm been waiting (not so patiently) for the store to open in Seattle ever since we drove all the way to Portland to shop there (and see our lovely friends- but mainly to shop tax free).

While we were there I marveled at pretty much everything in the store and made broad statements to anyone who was listening (Chris has tuned me out by then) like "wow, isn't that pretty"  "that would go great in my bedroom" "if I had a million dollars I make my house look exactly like this."  And on and on I went.

We had a strict budget and so I could only come home with a few treasures.  This rug, this rug and some shiny mercury glass votive candle holders that found a home in our bedroom.

I made mental notes of all the millions of things that I wanted for the day that I have an unlimited budget to spend at this store.

So here we are months later and I come home and open my door to find that I have mail from West Elm.  Oh my goodness, how do they know where I live???  What do they want??

Maybe they read my blog and love me as much as I love them....

Maybe they are contacting all Seattle home bloggers to come write something about them...

Maybe they want to offer me a shopping spree at their store....

Maybe they want to give me a blogger discount....

Alas, none of the above were true (not yet at least), but I was delighted to be invited to their grand opening party.  

I must be so special!!    

Either that or I'm on their mailing list.... or they sent an invite to everyone within 5 miles of the store.  

I'm still going to pretend I'm special.

Of course I had to go. I can't resist shopping especially when there are drinks, canapes AND a discount!

So I checked with some friends and we mad a plan to pre-funk the opening with drinks at Bravehorse tavern (so good, you must go there now) and then all go together to the opening.  Luckily the invite let me RSVP for both of my plus-ones (Lauren & Chris).  As luck would have it, our other friends were invited also so we had quite the show of force when we finally made it through the doors.

I felt so official when I checked it with the doorman who had "the list".  I did have a mini panic attack that maybe I wasn't going to be on the list and they wouldn't let us in- you know like on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (season 2) when the ladies weren't on the list to Sheree's party and the doorman wouldn't let them in (don't pretend you don't watch it).   Don't you worry.  I was on the list.

The opening was very well attended and they were not at all skimpy on the drinks.  They only served clear drinks (so smart), which was fine by me, as I love me some champagne. The canapes (if you could hunt down a waiter) were nothing exciting.  I got offered something that looked a little less than appetizing and decided on drinking my dinner instead.

Lauren and I had to commemorate the occasion at the photobooth.

Champagne.  Drink of champions.
Once we had drinks in had, photos taken and had surveyed the lay of the land, we got down to business..... shopping that is.

I would like to note, that I did NOT spill at any time during the opening.  This is a HUGE accomplishment, and it should be celebrated.

The lines were crazy long to check out, so I did the camera version of window shopping.  I took photos of everything I liked so that I could come back when they are less busy and buy them.

I tried not to look like a crazy person, running around the store snapping pics with my phone, but alas, I couldn't avoid getting some weird looks.

I almost wanted to say "I'm taking these for my blog" but then I felt like I lacked the credentials to "officially photograph for a blog."  Like I needed a press pass or something.

So here is my photo list of items I loved.  Some of the photos are a bit blurry.  That is because I was getting mean mugged by two overly-dressed-up- hipsters (seriously, why are the hipsters always mean mugging me???), so I was trying to pretend I wasn't taking pics by walking and snapping at the same time.  Next time I'm going to make myself a press pass at work and laminate it.  Then I'll look official.  Anything laminated always looks official.

These bathroom rugs were the perfect green/yellow for our bedroom accent color.
I thought it would be cute to have a rug on each side, like a welcome mat for the bed.
Mercury glass.  I can't get enough of you.
Loved the sheets.  Our bedroom needs a new patterned sheet.
I like the stripes too for our bedroom.
I obviously heart chalkboard paint, but I really want one of those glass bells!
I got distracted by the Christmas decor.  So cute and simple.

My idea of a holiday pillow
Bedroom chandelier???
I could have shopped all night.  One of these days, I'm saving up and going on a shopping spree there.

Seriously, I love a grand opening.  Invite me, I will come, and not buy anything- but I'll blog about it (only if you make me a laminated press pass).