Two miles in the morning

I literally woke up to a bird sitting on our roof chirping at me.  God's alarm clock I tell you.  8:30am on a sleep-in-Saturday. I'll thank that bird later.

I got up and decided it was going to be a good day for a run.  I got right out of bed and put my running shoes on. 

I didn't have to change my clothes, because I went to sleep in my work out clothes, sports bra and all. What- you don't do that???  You should.  Its the most sure-fire way to actually get up and work out.  What?  It's not like I worked out in them before I went to sleep.  Now that would be gross.

I threw a hat on because I am not someone blessed with amazing hair in the morning.  I never really understood the bedhead look, because my bed-head looks like I was in a hurricane last night. My bed-head is better covered up until my next shower.

I had to search around for my head phones, because I never know where Chris will put them.  We share headphones.  Yeah, I realize its weird- mixing our ear wax and all. 

I didn't want to share headphones, but to be honest, my headphones rock.  I bought them for my half marathons, so they are the expensive ear buds that stay in your ear, block out noise and have great sound quality.  I can't blame the guy for wanting a pair, but I am WAY to cheap now to spend more than $9.99 on headphones (for the man who went to the gym a total of 9 times in 2010). So now we play a game of trading off MY headphones when one of us is working out.  He then likes to place them in all sorts of hiding places all over the house so if I want to work out (with music) I get to play if-I-were-Chris-where-would-I-put-the-headphones, which is a REALLY fun game by the way.

I found them.  In the office.

I headed outside and "hide" my keys-in an extremely safe hiding place....kind of- and headed out running. Who wants to have to carry a key while running?  No one.  I'm lucky I even locked the door.  I've been known to leave my keys in the front door over night.  Whoops.  I'm forgetful and very trusting.  Please don't break into my house.

It was a crisp fall morning, a bit gray and foggy, just how I like Seattle to be.  Apparently we are both still waking up.

Running for me is when I think.  I think about pretty much anything and everything.  Sometimes I solve problems, sometimes I sing along with the songs, sometimes I write blog posts in my head (totally true) but usually I get distracted every few minutes by pretty houses, puppies, other runners and interesting things.  That is what happened today. 

Lets go a a virutal run shall we.

I shuffled my running playlist and started with Sara Bareilles- Breath Again.  Seemed like a perfect beginning.  Slow and steady to warm up on this foggy day.

I pass some walkers with coffee in their hands, I think they are probably jealous of me for being able to run at this early time. Maybe they are jealous of my pink shoes.  That's probably it.

I have run all of 3 blocks and my knees are feeling good.  No signs of achy tendonitis, so maybe today is going to be a good knee day.

I am running on the seawall and admire the houses and their landscaping.  Someone built a new fence.  Must. Take. Photo.  

I'm drawn to fences right now, as we are undecided on what kind we are going to put up in our backyard.
I like your fence style
I stop to take photos pretty much all the time.  Running is no exception.

I round the corner and a group of girls are jump roping and doing push ups.  I want to high five them and say "way to go ladies" but I don't, because they will think I'm crazy.  I get a bit nostalgic over a bootcamp I did before our wedding.  I had a great time with those girls.  I secretly want to ask these girls if I can join them, but of course, I don't.  There is something about working out in a group that makes it so much more fun.

Leann Rimes comes on and I pick up the pace. 

I run along Highland drive.  This is where the schmancy houses are.  Someone is moving in/out.  An older golden retriever is laying on the stoop.  It melts my heart.  I want a dog.  Especially one that lays on the stoop watching the world run by.  I don't take a photo because people are watching.....

I make it to Kerry Park.  It is one of those iconic parks in Seattle where people take wedding pictures and bring tourists.  I sometimes take the view for granted.  Not this morning.  I breath it in.  And take a photo.  Of course.
A little sleep in both of our eyes
I have MY bench at Kerry Park.  I don't have an official sign saying it's mine or anything, but I'm sure most people know it's mine because no one is ever on it when I arrive.  It's an unspoken thing.

Ashley's bench.  Butts off please.
 When I get to MY bench I've completed a mile and I break out some of the old bootcamp moves. They are really tough this morning.  Either it's been a long time since I did this, or I am still sore from Wii boxing at our tailgate last weekend......

Now it's stair time.  Down one set, up another.  I run up the worst ones. 
Yes, they keep going
 My legs are burning when I get to the top, but I don't know if its mental or not.  The last few stairs are the hardest- is it because I know they are the last ones?  Either way.  I am aching and sweaty (of course).  I walk for 1 block to get my breath back. 

Half way down the block I realize I am cheating myself and don't need to walk anymore.  Come on, suck it up- I tell myself.  I start running.

I look to see if the dog is still guarding the stoop.  He's gone.  Bummer.

The most in shape girl in the world crosses the street and is running in front of me.  At first I hate her a bit for being so perfectly skinny and fit.  Then I realize she looks a lot like my little sister with her brown pony tail waving in the wind, and I wish Chels was on my run with me.  Then I noiced the girl's running clothes, so cute, so trendy, so Lulu Lemon, so EXPENSIVE.  I made a mental note to put some new running pants on my Christmas list.

Without picking up speed, I start gaining on this girl.  Apparently, she has all the looks but none of the speed.  I pass her and I smile a bit.  Look who is the fastest...apparently it is a competition (in my head) between her clothes and my speed.  I declare myself the winner and kick it into high gear to prove my winning stauts.

On comes Brandi Carlile. She's my fav, so it doesn't matter what song it is.

A cop drives by.  I wonder what he could possibly be patrolling for at 8:30am on a Saturday morning.  Then I think of my "hidden" key and I hope he's not heading to my house....

I'm a mile and a half in and my knees are fine.  I feel a small twinge of pain, but ignore it.  If I pretend it isn't there, it doesn't hurt.

The the way home, there are alot more people out.  Apparently 8:45-9am is the time when everyone heads outside. 

I have the last hill to my house.  I sprint it. 

I miss running and living with Lauren.  We would sprint this last hill together and then gasp for air at the top.  Today I gasp alone. 

Home.  Look at that.  No one broke in.  House is quiet.

Now.... to shower or head straight to garage sales??????? Ha, like there is even a choice.  

Happy October.  How did you welcome it today?