Welcoming the winter

I am going to tackle some projects this winter.

I am in a mode to decorate and to craft.  So I turned to pinterest for some inspiration. 

I want to make our house a winter wonderland.   Here are the projects I am planning on completing before Christmas.

I love center pieces for our dining room table and these caught my eye.  It's super simple too!  Basically you spray paint wine bottles and then spray adhesive on them and roll them in Epsom salts.  I already have a cute silver tray I can put them on and some candles and voila- a winter centerpiece.

This idea is too cute, and you could make any design and make it just as cool.  I think I'm going to wrap some shoebox lids in canvas and make a cluster of snowflakes....  All it is is some Elmer's glue on canvas then painted all one color.  So simple.  So genius.

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(Link to idea here)

If I can find some battery powered Christmas lights, I am so doing this.  Apparently I love wine bottles as Christmas decor. Luckily I have quite a few bottles in the house.  I guess we will have to drink them to get some empty bottles.....

(Link to idea here)
I'm thinking of throwing a Halloween party just so I can use this idea.  Can I get pumpkins around Christmas time????
(Link to idea here)
This is too easy and so darn cute.  I think I can buy some wrapping paper or scrapbook paper and cover some small boxes.  Pretty much free!  I saw these stands at TJ Maxx for $9. 
(Link to idea here)
Are you making in any holiday decorations this year?  Feel free to send ideas my way!
Only 66 days until Christmas!!!!