Wordless Wednesday: Momsessed by the month

We've already established that I'm momsessed, that's nothing new. You may remember that I take a weekly pic of Hunter, but I also take a monthly pic.
Why do I take both?

Well, a few reasons.

Mainly because I got these amazing "month onesies" from my work friends, and of course I can't let them go to waste.  Also, because I wanted to take a "size comparison" photo each month.

The large monkey in the photos was actually one of my favorite stuffed animals from my childhood and it serves as a great size gauge for Hunter's growth, and its large enough to prop a baby up on- it's a win-win.

The 1 month and 4 month photos are not nearly as dramatic as the weekly ones, but still fun to see. 

And yes, Hunter is sooooooo close to sitting up on his own, soon the monkey will be all fashion and no function. 

Happy Wednesday!