Secret Project: Finishing up

I'm behind on EVERYTHING in my life.

How do people do it?

Seriously, the house is covered in dog hair, the laundry is piling up, my car looks like a bomb exploded inside and I STILL haven't unpacked the suitcases from Sun Valley.

So, its no wonder I'm behind on showing off our basement remodel.


I need an assistant.

Or I need to teach Ketchum to vacuum and fold laundry...and STOP shedding.

Speaking of laundry, we have a brand new laundry room!  As opposed to the laundry area we used to have in the old basement.

Heck, we have a brand new everything in the basement, and we love it.

Lets take a trip down memory lane shall we....

First off, you can check out the full progress in Phase 12, 3 and 4.  But for those of you who are lazy, I'll give you the quick version.

We started with a weird unfinished basement with creepy stairs and a whole lot of cement and dirt.
Mud room
Laundry room
Main room
Main room
Main Room
Then Chris demoed the whole basement, leaving nothing but beams holding up the house.

Then, they had to jack up the house, got rid of the support beams and add a new header.
The framing came next, and walls started to take shape.

When they insulated the walls, and all of a sudden, the room felt a lot smaller.

But once they put up the drywall and primed it bright white, it felt bigger again.

When the flooring and paint went on the walls, it started to feel like a real room, especially with our built-ins and french doors (I didn't take any pictures of this step, so I'm hoping a cute puppy will distract you.
Ketchum was our quality control manager
Then we brought down furniture, filled the built-ins, hung the TV, installed the bathroom fixtures, hung some art and cluttered it up with baby toys.  That's when it started to feel like home.

So here you go....

New stairway, railing and light
Mud room, slate tile, bench window and backdoor

To-code stairs!
Mud room

French doors to family room

Family room with bench seat

Storage room and kids play area

Bench seat

Media wall and built ins

Laundry/ half bathroom

Ta da!!!

Was it all you ever dreamed of?

For us it is.

We still have more to do- art, curtains, an area rug, shoe cubbies, a coat rack etc.  There is a long list, but we are enjoying it as is for now.

Of course photos don't do it justice, but at least you get the idea.  To drive the point home, lets see some before and afters- shall we....

First, here is our new door to downstairs.

Then you head down in the new hallway.

You turn left into the new mud room.

From the mud room, you go through french doors into the new family room.

Through the family room, you turn left into the laundry/bathroom.

 There you have it, the full tour.

Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming of baby and puppy photos.