Wordless Wednesday: Valley of the Sun

It is no secret that we love Sun Valley, Idaho.

We named our dog after it- Ketchum is the main town in Sun Valley.

In our more spontaneous days, we would pop over to SV for the weekend, or the week (heck, we didn't have a puppy or a baby and we could do whatever we wanted).

I like to think of those days as our life of leisure.

We used to pride ourselves on being able to pack only a carry-on bag for a week long vacation.

Oh, the good old days.

These days, trips take a lot more baggage (literal and figurative).

To go on this trip we had a dog sitter, dog walker, 3 checked bags, 3 carry ons, 1 stroller, 1 car seat, and a SUV rental car.

Since we were only going for 6 days and we were flying over, we opted to leave Ketchy at home.

Oh the guilt!

Here we are, going to his namesake and we kissed him and left him behind.

Poor guy.

Luckily, he was in good hands, with my sister (his best friend).
Can you tell she loves him?
So, with Ketchum in good hands, we boarded Hunter's first plane, and took off on our first family vacation.

All the cool kids wear jammies on plane rides
We had a blast, and it was a perfect way to spend my last week before heading back to work.  Hunter was a gem, he slept like a rock in the high altitude and was a happy guy pretty much the whole time. I think vacation agrees with him.

First schooner at Grumpy's

Second trip to Grumpy's
First time skiing together in two years
The closest Hunter got to being on Bald mountain
Out to dinner at Globus
Hunter likes to grab things, apparently wine glasses are no exception
Snowshoeing at Galena
Sleigh ride to Trail Creek cabin
Small baby, big chair
Sun Valley baby
"Look mom, I fit in the suitcase.  Please don't make me go home."