Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras!

Since it's Fat Tuesday, it's a day to celebrate. Obviously I won't be partying it up tonight- unless you consider hanging with Hunter in the wee hours of the morning a party....
Oh my gosh he was SOOOO little.
Anyway, I'm celebrating today with a ton of food and hopefully a glass of wine (or two) tonight.

What are we celebrating (beside Mardi Gras)???  Well....

I'm back to work!!!  

As of yesterday, I'm a working woman- no not that kind of working woman, get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm back to planning events (but mostly just chatting with my co workers and showing baby pictures).

Not that being at home with Ketchum and Hunter wasn't work- actually quite the opposite, but now I'm getting paid to work. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my boys, but I also love my job.

AND, I love that I was able to eat a respectable meal with BOTH HANDS. My hot pocket days are over!

What made it so easy to go back is that my amazing cousin Stephani has stepped in as our full time nanny, so the transition back to work was seamless.

Hunter loves her, she is awesome with him, and Ketchum jumps all over her the second she walks in the door (we are working on that), so I'm pretty sure he is enamored with her too.

Its a win, win, win.
Gratuitous Hunter Photo
Puppy glamor shot
The most common questions I'm getting are:

How do you like being back at work?  Love it

Are you sad to be back at work?  Nope

Do you miss Hunter?  Of course

Did you cry?  Nope

Honestly, this was the right move for me.  I love being home, but I really love my job.  I need to interact with people, talk about stuff other than lactation, cradle cap and diapers.

Even though I could chat about babies all day long, I love having things to talk about other than them- like news, world events, current happenings and the new fashion craze of colored pants.

Over the last four months at home, the hardest thing for me was that I felt like I had nothing to talk about.

Chris and I would go on a date night out, and I found myself just nodding as I listened to him talk about work, and meetings and people he met. Basically, the outside world.

I would interject with a cute Hunter story, or how Ketchum ate someone he wasn't supposed to, but I really felt like I had lost the ability to have an interesting conversation. Even if I did interact with the outside world, it was with other moms, and we would chat for hours about babies and life with a baby, and puppies.

Heck, I got so busy during my days that I wasn't watching TV, so I was way behind on pop culture; I couldn't even tell him what the Kardashians were doing (which I think he appreciated)!

So for me, going back to work was the right choice.

Happy mom = happy baby.

"Mom, why am I in a pink Johnny jump up?"
Luckily, I am able to work four, ten hour shifts, so I will be able to spend every Friday with Hunter and Ketch, talking long walks, laying on the couch and I'll try to get back to keeping up with the Kardashians.

So far so good.

So today, on my second successful day as a working mom, I'm celebrating.

Life is good.

Now.....to figure out what to give up for Lent.