Call us crazy

We are less than 4 weeks away from baby 2.0. That's T-25 days in case you had lost count.

You know what that means to Chris and I?

That it's the perfect time to start a remodel.

Yep, we just kicked off of phase 3 of remodel-this-house. We've been dragging our feet on gutting our upstairs bathroom and finally decided to pull the trigger and it all somehow managed to align perfectly with my last month of pregnancy.

Basically, we figure that chaos is pretty much our preferred state of living, so why not do it now?  We either do it now and hope to be done before the baby comes out, or we wait and do this whole thing when the baby is here and it causes just as much chaos then as it would now.

So here we are, remodeling right before I give birth. Again. You would think we already forgot about the basement remodel we did while I was pregnant with Hunter.

This is not a small remodel.  This is a full-on gut of our main bathroom- the one we use everyday (and the only one with a shower).  

It's been on our list since the day we bought the house, but it was lower on the list than the basement, the kitchen wall tear down, the fireplace and the backyard fence.

When we first moved in, I painted it and tried to spruce it up with some accessories, but it was really just lipstick on a pig.

That bathroom (which is shared by all our bedrooms) is 90's-tastic.  It boasts a small stand-up shower surrounded with ugly vinyl walls, bad linoleum flooring and particle board cabinets wrapped in an equally hideous plasticy countertop.

So, it's all going away.

We are adding a freestanding bathtub and framing it in, tiling out a new-larger shower with a frameless glass door, getting custom cabinets with marble countertops and hex-marbel floors.

We are going for traditional with modern touches- and all white, which is all new for us.

While we are at it, we decided to also throw in the main floor-bathroom as well.

We will be adding the same marble hex tile on the floor and adding a shower surround to the claw foot tub- so we have somewhere to shower while the upstairs bath gets it's new look.

So here we go again.

The chaos has already I walked out the front door this morning, I passed my bathtub and disassembled toilet that have taken up semi-permenant residence in my living room.