Book Nook

So, remember when I spilled soda on my computer on my nightmare of a flight home from Mexico a few years ago?

Yeah, and when I bought a new computer I spilled on that one too, so I got a 3rd computer?

Well, that 3rd computer was the lucky one that didn't get spilled on. At least I don't remember spilling on it.

That trusty 3rd computer mysteriously died last week.  After some professional investigation and $200.  The Mac guys found corrosion on the logic board caused by liquid damage- of course they could fix it for nearly $1,000.


Seriously, what's with me, liquids and computers?

They said the damage could have been caused over a year ago and the corrosion was just very slow.

So, I now am the proud owner of MacBook Pro #4 (which was only a few more bucks than the cost of repairs to the old one).

They are still in the process of pulling all my documents and pictures off my old computer. So I have a new computer that feels pretty naked- no photos, no icons on my desktop and a ticking time bomb until when I spill on this one (just joking).

Amidst the chaos of killing electronics, I did manage to get something accomplished last week.

I created Hunter a new place to do one of his favorite things- read books.

Hunter and I cleaned his room out as part of my "get rid of all the crap" mood I'm in right now....I'm guessing some people would call that nesting.

He "helped" me go through the rubbermaids full of baby gear that I'd stuffed in the corner of his bedroom.

I pulled out all the newborn stuff and made baby #2 his own drawer (filled with the tiniest clothes on the planet). 

Yep, things are get real around here- this baby and I are thing I know he'll be leaving his toothbrush at my place.

The rest of the baby items got "reorganized" on the floor by Hunter.  He particularly liked toss things in a pile and then jumping on top of it and rolling around.  It was pretty adorable and not at all helpful. He also wanted to try on all his old clothes, especially teeny-weeny hats and shoes.

Once I got all the items back in the rubber maids, I realized I had freed up a ton of space in the back corner of his room.  There are these shelves that were now completely empty (sorry this is the best photo I could find that showed them).

He is VERY into hiding these days- especially in closets, under tables and in small spaces.  So, when he realized he had a new hiding place, he was all about it.

Watching him crawl under the shelf gave me an idea.

I could remove a shelf and create a little nook for him- one where he wouldn't hit his head every time he crawled in and out.

Obviously, I didn't do much more than put a little rug, blanket and a stuffed animal in the shelf area.  I grabbed a stack of books and told Hunter it was his new book nook.

He LOVES it.

He crawls in there, grabs a book and says "book-nook." He is really into laying on his tummy these days, so he grabs a book, squirms backward into the nook and "reads" to me.

In case you are wondering, his faves are Hop on Pop, Little Blue Truck, Barnyard Babies and Are you my Mother?...and anything with a tractor in it (duh).

I don't know why I didn't think of this before.  It was a genius move (if I do say so myself).

When I get around to sprucing up the nook with some real decorations, I'll be back with photos.  It will probably be about the time Baby #2 is entering kindergarten, so don't hold your breath.