Blame it on the (unborn) baby

There are always signs that tell me I'm pregnant.

Generally, the nausea and the bloating are the key indicators for me (even before two pink lines), but there are also subtle signs- the biggest (and not to subtle) is my decreased mental capacity.

Pregnancy brain is real- and it's evil.

For those of you who have not experienced this, or somehow skipped it while cooking a child of your own, you are lucky (you are also probably the type of pregnant lady who never got sick or nauseous).

Anyway, I'm the type who gets both sick and stupid.

Stupid is synonymous with forgetful, confused, intellectually slow and crazy.

Most of these "baby brain" moments aren't worth remembering (even if I could remember them), so I either have to tell people about them or get photographic evidence to prove they happened.

My worst pregnancy brain moment so far has to be when I wore two DIFFERENT shoes to work.

Yeah, 2 completely different shoes.

Don't worry, I took a photo.
Bad lighting, vein-y feet and dirty carpet, I apologize for subjecting your eyes to this.
Plus, I didn't realize it until I commuted 35 minutes to work and had pulled into the parking lot.

At that point, I was not going to go all the way home to swap out shoes, so I headed in and hoped no one would notice.

Of course they noticed.

It's a bit hard to hide one very sparkly shoe.

It just so happened to be the day I broke the news about the bun-in-the-oven to my work group....surprise, I'm pregnant and I'm clearly losing my mind!

All day, I tried to avoid drawing attention to my feet.

I had actually been somewhat successful until I walked into the bathroom and saw a coworker.  She stopped me and exclaimed that she had to know what she was missing.

Ugh- what?

She went on to say that I had to tell her about the "one sparkly shoe thing."

She was convinced it was like the one sparkly fingernail trend and I was on the cutting edge of something big.

I was sad to report that I was not the most trendy lady in town and that I had not invented something new and awesome- I had simply tried on two different shoes with my outfit and forgot to make a decision, which meant I left the house in mis-matched shoes.

It goes without saying that I check my feet before I walk out the door every time now.

AND, every time I do something slightly stupid, I blame the baby.