Here comes trouble

We had a BIG weekend.

We are the king and queen of packing WAY TOO MUCH into pretty much every weekend, but this one takes the cake (literally and figuratively).

We hit the Pumpkin patch, the Husky game, Hunter got Baptized, had a huge birthday party, met out-of-town friends for baby play dates and Chris had a take home midterm to complete.

Of course, after running myself ragged with all the fun, I am now coming down with the cold I've been keeping at bay for weeks.

So, this is not the update I had in mind.  

In my mind I had planned photos and decoration tutorials and food recipes and lions and tigers and bears (oh my).  But life happens, and the best laid plans go out the window.

No, it's not because I'm sick (although that is a contributing factor).  It's because this happened last night...

And now, my every waking moment is spent trying to get him to do it again.