Glitter glitter everywhere

Every year we carve pumpkins as a family.

That is, until last year.

We had been doing it for as long as I can remember, but last year we stopped carving and started painting. Mainly because Hunter isn't great with knives.

I plan on holding off on giving him sharp metal objects for as long as possible.

So with carving off the table, and me not wanting to repeat last year's pumpkins, I had to come up with a new pumpkin decorating technique.

For some unknown reason, I thought it would be a great idea to use glitter this year.

That, was a bad idea.

Well, actually it was a good idea, but glitter on pumpkins is adorable.

The bad part is that I swear glitter has reproductive properties.  I used not even a thimble full of glitter, but yet I have glitter in every nook, cranny and surface within a 5 foot radius of the "crafting zone."

I found glitter in Hunter's diaper, in his hair, under Ketchum's collar and stuck to his toys (in a different room).

It's like its breeding.

Next time I get the great idea to use glitter, I am either going outside, or going to someone else's house.

Back to this year's pumpkin crafting....

I used the trusty (and washable) bumbo again this year, although he is nearly too big for it now, which is absolutely unbelievable because last year, he was barely able to be propped up in it (he was only 20 days old).

Seriously though, can you believe how big he is???

My great idea this year was to get white pumpkins and then use glitter to decorate them.

I covered the table with wax paper (as if that would somehow contain the glitter) and then covered Hunter's palms with glue.

That was a sticky situation (ha).

Hunter doesn't actually like holding still (weird right?), and a one year old with a hand full of glue is a dangerous situation.

I had to be quick.  So quick, that pictures were not possible.  You will have to use your imagination.

I painted his hand with glue, stuck it on the pumpkin, then quickly wiped his hands down with baby wipes (those things can clean anything).

I sprinkled glitter over the gluey hand print.

The first one didn't turn out that great, but I learned from my mistakes, so the other hand had better finger spacing.
Of course, we hit the bath as soon as the second print was glittered- which may have been Hunter's favorite part (gosh that kid loves the water- not to mention being naked).

After Hunter went to bed, I finished up the pumpkin, and then created one for Ketchum too.

I used my better judgement and decided not to try to get an actual paw print from Ketchum. I painted (an admittedly bad) paw print on his pumpkin.  Then I added their first initials to the pumpkins and called it good.

I actually kind of love them.

I haven't figured out a way to make them waterproof yet (and in Seattle, they need to be waterproof).

We will still probably hit up the pumpkin patch, like we did last year, but it will be more for a photo-op than actual pumpkin picking.

Happy almost Halloween!