Happy Birthday Little Man

366 days have passed since Hunter joined our lives.
I seriously can't believe how fast it has gone.

He is, hands down, the best thing to ever happen to us.

We celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday without a ton of pomp and circumstance.  We had just a regular day, with a bit of extra fun. We are going to do a party later this month when we have him baptized.

We watched the Seahawks game, played with his new toys, took a 3.5 hour nap (that was his gift to us I think) and went to the park (because swings are the COOLEST thing ever).

Oh yeah, and played with balloons.  LOTS of balloons.

We capped off the day by giving him his first cupcake ever (dairy and egg free of course- thanks Aunt Bunnie).
He had a great day.

We didn't really buy him many presents (he has more stuff than he needs), so we bought him a few things he did need.

New big boy shoes.
All his current shoes are soft soled, which work great for scooting around the house and walking indoors, but for our soon-to-be-walker, we decided to get him some cool-dude-outdoor-running-around shoes.

He's not too sure about them.

He's also not too sure about walking/running yet.

He'll get there in his own time, and now he has shoes to do it in.

We also got him a pack of new rubber sensory shapes & balls.  He loves to play fetch with Ketchum. The only problem is, that Ketch thinks every ball in the house is his, and thus destroys them. Baby rubber balls don't stand up well to sharp puppy teeth.
So, we got him a whole pack to play with, and if Ketchum chews a few of them, we will still have plenty left (gotta love Costco packs).
The shapes were cool, but the swings may have been the highlight of his day.  He LOVES them.
And since, this is a family memory book for us, as much as anything else, I thought I would detail a few of his favorite things so we don't forget.

Favorite food: Applesauce, and recently discovered meat (loves it)
First word: Woof (also says ma-ma-ma and dad-dad)
Favorite toy: Balls (to play fetch with Ketchum), Dino walker,
Least favorite activity: Clipping his fingernails
Teeth: 3 on bottom, 1 on top
Crawling: He's super fast, but still does his weird kick-stand crawl, where one leg is crawling and the other pushes off.
Walking: He walks while holding onto something.  He'll stand on his own for a few moments, but won't take any unassisted steps.
Hair:  Not a lot, but its growing more lately.  It's coming in medium brown color.

Happy Birthday Buggy!