Decorations not optional

After over a decade together, I would say that I know Chris pretty well.

Like if we went on the newly wed game, we would kill it (but I suppose that defeats the purpose of the "newlywed game" since in our case it would be the "old and married" game).

I know what he will order when we go to a restaurant, I know which shirt he will want to wear to a party, and I know when he orders shoes online that he will mostly likely hate them when they arrive (but yet never return them).

So when I learn something new about him, it's kind of a treat.

It never ceases to amaze me how we reveal our whole selves only in fragments.  Sometimes, we don't even realize we were harboring things, until an occasion brings it to the surface.

This happened last month when Chris casually asked when I would be decorating for Halloween.

As usual, I was a brat, and told him I would be decorating for Halloween about the same time this year as I every year past....around a half passed never.

I'm squarely in the only-decorate-for-Christmas camp.

That is until this year.

Apparently, one of Chris' favorite memories from childhood (which he had never mentioned before now) was when he would come home from school one day and all of a sudden the house would be made into Halloween.

He never knew when it would happen, but it was one of his favorite days.

So now, that Hunter is old enough to recognize whats going on around him, Chris wants him to have the same great memories.

How do I argue with that?

I clearly had to get on the holiday decoration bandwagon, and fast.

So I went out shopping and came home with a trunk load of the least tacky Halloween decorations that I could find. I went to my favorite decor store- Home Goods.

I bought a little bit of everything, and laid out all the stuff when I got home so that Chris could see what I got.

I figured he would like some of it and not like some others (like most of my shopping trips) but I apparently killed it in the Halloween department.  He loved ALL of it.

So of course, now that I had all these cute new decorations, I wanted to decorate right away.

But I didn't.

I waited until September 24.

It was as long as I could take before I absolutely had to decorate.

I kind of love it (who knew???).

Hunter REALLY loves it.

And since I couldn't help myself, I went out and bought more decorations. 

What can I say....when I hop on a bandwagon, I go whole hog.... how's that for mixed metaphors??

This time, I went for decorating on the cheap.

So I hit up the Dollar Tree (the Cadillac of dollar stores), and stocked up on all things Halloween.

Remember how I was attempting to avoid tacky decorations? Surprisingly, the Dollar Tree had some not-so-tacky stuff.

But, really I go there for cheap things that I can make cooler. 

Like a creepy skeleton head, that looks way cooler as a metallic silver less-creepy skeleton head.  (Oh spray paint, how I love thee....let me count the ways)
Or these foam pumpkins that were screaming for some spray paint.  So I made them into psudo-ombre metallic pumpkins (which Hunter thinks are balls and throws them all over).
Ignore the chevron tape, it didn't work....
This little plastic skeleton was pretty cute, even in his "natural" state, but since I was on a metallic kick, I made him shiny silver and hung him on the basement door.  Hunter LOVES him.  We call him Mr. Boney, and he's already lost a limb or two (but luckily they pop back in).
I also snagged a creepy looking $1 crow and put him under a glass dome which turned out just the right amount of creepy for me. 
One of my most sparkly buys from Homegoods (unfortunately nothing was $1 there) were these glittery pumpkins that I put all over the house (don't worry the don't shed glitter).
And since I was on a sparkly/metallic theme, I added in more of it....

But perhaps my favorite find was this Halloween countdown.  Hunter and I change the numbers each day. Only 8 days left!
So, I'm solidly on the bandwagon. I think I need to start my stash for all the other holidays.  

I really hope someday Hunter has the same fond holiday memories as Chris. 

And even if he doesn't, I think we are all enjoying it right now.