New-hobby November

While every dude in the world has stopped shaving this month, I have decided to continue shaving and instead of No-shave November, I'm instating New-hobby November.

Here's to hoping it catches on.

Why wouldn't I want to participate in No-shave November?  Well, I'm a lady, and mustaches on us gals are almost always unflattering.

I'm crossing my fingers that Chris doesn't have an wild ideas of joining in the no-shave craze.  I am not a fan of whiskers on my man.  Plus, thinking of Chris with a full blown mustache makes me laugh....and makes me think of the 70's (which I don't remember because I wasn't alive, but I've see pictures and the mustaches and the man mini-shorts are terrifying).

See.  Clearly, I have proved my point.
How did this become about mustaches?

I had a point.

The point was, that I am taking on new hobbies this month. That, AND I'm not growing a mustache (not on purpose at least... having brown hair is a curse I tell you).

Actually, I'm really going to brush up on two hobbies that have been resting dormant for a while.

November is my month to do stuff I like.

In case you didn't know, I'm a thrill seeker. 

I'm throwing caution to the wind and I am going to jump out of a plane this month!


Oh my gosh, did you believe me?? 
I would (probably) never ever do that. It sounds horrible, and scary, and fun for me to watch someone else do but never do myself.

I'm a nervous-nelly who likes to take very few risks.

Therefore, instead of jumping out of a plane I'm going to do the next best thing...

I'm going to take pictures and sew stuff this month!

Wow, that was sure a let down after I pretended I was going to jump out of a plane.

Sorry for the false build up.

But hey, SEWING and PHOTOGRAPHY.  Those can be dangerous and exciting too!

I really am going to do photography and sewing and I'm going to have a lot of boring, safe and non thrill-seeking fun.  Heck, I may even do some baking too!

I'm a thrill-a-minute.

I actually have been dying to take a photography class for ages.  I have one of those fancy DSLR cameras that I have no idea how to use if it is not on the automatic setting. 

I did take a photography class in high school, but I only cared about taking pictures, not actually learning about aperture, white balance etc.  Plus, I wasted so much of my brain energy learning how to develop my photos in a dark room.  Now, film is basically extinct.  What a waste of my brain.

I saw a groupon a few weeks back for a local photographer that was offering a 2 hour class on how to use your camera and a 1 hour photography excursion right in my neighborhood to learn how to take good pictures (all for $49- what a deal), so I swooped it up.

Since the holidays are coming, I will have millions of opportunities to put my new photog skills into action and really hone my craft. I fully expect to be a professional photographer in no time.

If not, I can always fall back on my sewing skills. Which, may I add, are SUPER rusty.

I got all inspired to make baby blankets, changing pads, burp cloths etc for all my prego friends so I went, bought a ton of fabric, washed and dried it (I caught up on Law and Order SVU while waiting for the laundry), and then headed upstairs to my sewing room to do some serious baby-item damage.

Two or three hours later I had made ONE burp cloth.

You are impressed, I can tell.

Now that I have that one out of the way, I think I will be faster/better at the rest.  Maybe that is wishful thinking. 

Either way, I need to brush up on my sewing skills.  I'm hoping to learn how to finally use my serger that I just got from my grandma.  It scares me.  It has 3 threads I have to control. Plus, it cuts the fabric off while it sews.  No trial and error there.

So, on my free nights and weekends you will find me holed up in my sewing room making random baby items for my friends while taking photos of myself doing it.

Gosh, I hope the camera class teaches me how to take a good arm-out photo.  Those are always the best pics.  I can see it now.... sewing with my left hand, arm out pic with my right.

So there you have it.  New-hobby November.

What new hobby will you take on?  Or what is an old hobby you are going to pull out and dust off?

If you take on a new hobby, and get good at it, will you teach me too?

Oh, and don't even waste your time trying to talk me into jumping out of a plane, or jumping off a cliff or bungee jumping or any other type of jumping. 

It's just not going to happen.

Lies, nothing but lies.


  1. I started a new hobby recently - wood burning! I made a cute heart and arrow engraving on a tree ring... Now I am addicted! I'm burning designs into wood ornaments for gifts. :)


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