Hooter hidin'

Everyone needs a little hooter hiding in their lives.

Perhaps no one more than Christina Aguilera at the AMA's.

Apparently she didn't get the memo about leaving anything to the imagination.  Actually, at this point, I'm trying to imagine her WITH clothes on.

Seriously, I should send her a hooter hider, for photo ops like these.  Too bad for her,  I just gave my last one away.  

My best friend from high school just welcomed little baby Owen to her family, every new mom (who is nursing) needs a stylish hooter hider to hide the ta-tas while out in public.

Since sewing was on my list of new hobbies to try to get better at this month, I've been logging some serious hours in my craft room.  I googled around and found some descriptions and images of nursing covers, and then I just winged it.  It couldn't be too hard.

I bought some cute and coordinating quilting cotton (with a coupon of course), and washed them in hot water.  I wanted to make sure that if any shrinkage or fraying was going to happen, that I got it all done before I started sewing.  I wanted to make a reversible one- you know, to coordinate with all her outfits!

I cut two pieces about 32" wide by 26" tall- that gave me plenty of room for seams. 

Then I also cut some of the soft "baby blanket" fabric that I had on hand and sewed it onto one corner of each piece of fabric.  This is for a soft  and absorbent spot to use to wipe the baby's mouth.

Then I laid the 2 pieces of fabric on top of each other (good side facing each other).  Basically it will be inside out at this point.

I used straight pins to secure them together so I could easily sew them.

I sewed a straight seam down the sides and across the bottom.  Then, I folded that over and sewed another seam again.  I wanted to prevent fraying and ensure that it could withstand a lot of good washing.

Then, I had to attach the straps.  I used some cotton/canvas strips that I had on hand.  You could also use ribbon or you could make your own straps out of left over fabric.

I opened the top (which I hadn't sewn) and laid the straps inside of it about 6 inches in from the corners, with some overlap hanging out.

Then I used more pins and slowly ran it through the machine, making sure the strap didn't move while I sewed it on.

I sewed 2 seams along the top (although I didn't fold it over this time because of the straps).  I stopped sewing about 3 inches shy of the corner, so I could have a space to use the flip it right-side-out. I carefully pulled it all through the hole and once it was right side out, I ironed the fabric so it was completely flat.

Then, I pinned the open corner closed and sewed a final seam along the top opening to close it up.

Then to finish it all off, I used a zigzag stitch to go all around the edges to polish it all off and give it a finished look and create one more seam.

And here is the final product. 

This was so easy and quick.  Really.  Maybe an hour tops!

I'm completely partial to damask, so I loved this color match up.  Just boy enough, but still trendy enough for a damask-loving-mom- and who doesn't want to be trendy while trying to hide their exposed boobs in public??

Now that I'm looking at these pics, I realize that this would pretty easily translate into an apron. Hmmm.... maybe everyone will be getting aprons for Christmas.... I have lots of damask left over.