I love Pinterest, You love Pinterest, We all love Pinterest

If you are not in the Pinterest club, you better get on fast. What are you waiting for?????

It is the place where dreams are made of.

If you are not yet an addict, email me and I will send you an invite (yep, this a special secret club).

There are some really awesome bloggers out there who issued a Pinterest challenge.  Katie from Bower Power and Sherry from Young House Love both did some cool projects (you know mercury glass gets me every time), which inspired me to get my act together and finally do my own Pinterest-inspired project.

I've pinned hundreds of pictures, felt inspired, and then did nothing.  Well, that stops now!

They actually did this last challenge month, but I have been a bit lazy busy.  So here I am, a month late just now getting around to my Pinterest project.  Better late than never right??  I think so.

So here is my inspiration from my board Party...shmarty, which is for all things that I love for a good time.

You know what makes for a good time?  Wine.

You know what makes for an even better time?  Not accidentally grabbing someone else's glass and inadvertently swapping spit and mouth germs with them. Ewww. Gross.

This solves all spit-swapping problems! Hallelujah!

From Pinteres
Don't forget how much I love chalkboard paint (how could you forget?).  So you can see why this project appealed to me.  Wine and chalkboard paint.  At the same time. Boom.

Lucky for me, I always have chalkboard paint on hand, and of course I have wine glasses, but I don't think my mostly patient hubby would be too pleased if I chalkboard painted his our fancy (read expensive) wine glasses.  He gets mad (read rolls-his-eyes) at me when I accidentally break them, and I think that in his eyes, painting them would be pretty much the same thing.  So, I went and bought some "Ashley glasses."

Where do you buy "Ashley glasses"  Goodwill of course.

Who can say no to $0.69 wine glasses?  Apparently NOT me.  Especially since they had tons of wine glasses that matched!  It's unheard of at Goodwill to find a set of something. 

So, I was very pleased to find 8 matching ones.  Granted, I had to crouch down and search through all the glassware on the shelves to finally find 8 that matched, but I did it.

Of course, I ran home and washed them right away to "make them mine."  That is my rule with all used goods.  Once I wash it, it's mine.

So after washing and drying the whole set, I ran to the basement (where I keep all my paint) to get to dipping the glasses.  I use Valspar chalkboard paint.  it looks blue when you paint with it, but dries a really good black color (that isn't cloudy).

Lowes carried this paint next to the spray paint
I pretty much winged the whole project (kind of like everything else I do).  I didn't really know the best way to dip or paint the glass, so I needed a bit of trial and error.

I tried dipping the glass straight in to the can, which was not super effective.  It bubbled and gaped at places because of trapped air.  Then, I tried the (should-be-patented) dip, twirl, dip & swipe method.

Dip the glass in on an angel, twirl it around until fully covered in paint.

Twirl                                                                                                          Drip


If the pictures didn't spell it out for you, You dip the glass and twirl it until it is fully covered.  Then hold the glass above the can and let the excess drip off.  Once most of the drips have stopped, take a brush and swipe the bottom of the glass to get rid of the excess there.

Then it is drying time.

I set all the glasses upside down and left them for about an hour.  Then I realized I had messed up.  They were dripping.

Clearly my trial and error had hit an error.  I wiped off the drips and then set the glasses right side up to dry.

These babies are not fast.  Its like watching paint dry.  Literally.

Guess who is impatient?

Guess who tried to dry them faster?

If it works for hair, it should work for paint right?
The hairdryer did not work.  So I left them over night and when I woke up, they were finally dry!  most of them came off with a smooth finish and looked great.

A few of them ended up with some paint ripples on them.

I may just take some sand paper and sand out the ripples and then re-dip.

Overall, I'm very excited about my new wine glasses.  I am going to keep them in my closet and only pull them out for parties.  I may even go find some colored chalk or chalk markers, that are easier to use than small pieces of chalk.

If you have done a Pinterest inspired project, email me about it and send pictures of before and after and I'll post it right here!