The Good, The Bad and The....

Our little corner of the world as been jam packed lately. 

Lots of things have happened- none of which make a very exiting story by themselves. They actually may not be exciting all together either (fair warning). 

Here is my round up of the little tidbits that have been circling around our lives; the good, the bad and the other (because I couldn't think of a clever category).

The Good:

~I stumbled upon my new FAVORITE granola bar while I was perusing the aisles of Trader Joes (where else?).  I actually loved it sooooo much, I snapped a pic of the wrapper so I could find them online and stock up (and so I could blog about it- lets keep this blog honest).  This was the chocolate/nut/cherry flavor and it was awesome.  Chris actually got mad that I ate it all and didn't share.  That is how good it is.


~I recently learned that (even though Chris swears to the contrary) I have excellent navigation skills.  I proved this while at a corn maze with my family in Cali.  I dubbed myself The Great Navigator (this nickname is yet to catch on) and used my gut to guide us nearly, kinda-sorta, almost, pretty much "seamlessly" through the maze.  I didn't use any of those sissy clues.  Call me if you are need of a corn-maze-guide, I'm not confident that my navigation skills extend any further than mazes since I generally assume that if I'm going "up" a street, that I must be heading north...

Children of the corn

~Update: I got my homeopathic remedy in the mail and hopefully I'm healing my acne as we speak!  I have 5 more weeks to see if it works, but I should start seeing progress in the next few weeks.  How crazy is it that all I did was take these small sugar pellets once.  ONCE!  I am all for it, but seriously, if this works it is going to blow my mind.
Are you going to cure me????
~I have a new second cousin!  My cousin welcomed a daughter to his family and we are so happy little Lucy is here. No pictures to post (most people wouldn't want their lives plastered on a blog), but I can tell you she is adorable and sweet, and she only lives a few blocks away so I'm hoping we spend lots of time with her!

The Bad:

~When we went down to SF we watched our beloved Huskies get pretty badly beat in the football game against Stanford.  Its always a let down when you travel to see your team and then they suffer a bad loss.  Although we got beat, the game and tailgating was still super fun!

Why does my W look like I'm missing a finger???
~The weather has finally turned to fall and winter is coming quick.  This means that I have to do one of my most dreaded things- turn on the heat.  Ugh.  I really hate paying for the heat.  I've been basking in the cheapness of summer and holding out on turning on the heat.  Well, sadly, the day has come and now my full time job is constantly turning down the heat after Chris turns it to 73!

The other:

~I'm back to running!! 

This is good and bad, thus it needed it's own category.  I actually originally called this category "the paradox", but then I wasn't sure if it really was one, so I googled it.  After further research I was still confused so I deleted it and went with "the other."  I think I'm getting dumber and more confused in my old age....

It's good because I love to run but it's bad because my knees hate to run. Damn knees having a mind of their own. My masseuse that works with my homoeopath gave me some topical stuff that really seems to help, so that has got me outside pounding the pavement again.  Apparently the topical cream does nothing to improve my aforementioned dumbness and confusion, as I accidentally put my running pants on inside out... and didn't realize it. 

I wore them like this for over an hour and when I left to go for a run I finally realized that I was wearing them inside out because I couldn't access my pockets.   Apparently you have to be smarter than your pants... 

Side note on this, is that I have actually done this before and went outside and run with inside-out pants, not realizing it until I got home.  Maybe I'm not getting dumber, maybe I always have been this way???

So there is the round up.  Have you been consumed with lots of little things lately?  Are they all good, all bad or do you have a paradox??  Can you explain to me what a paradox is???