The countdown is on

In case you haven't checked your calendar lately, yesterday was Halloween and today is the official (unofficial) kick off of the countdown to Christmas.

55 days people.

Time to get your crap together.  Err.... time to get MY crap together.

My 2 favorite pre-Christmas past times are decorating and gift shopping. Love love love.

I don't decorate for any other holidays... not really.

For the last few weeks all I had was a Cinderella pumpkin sitting on our porch.  It was cute and seemed to go nicely with my burlap wreath (at least I thought so).

We did end up carving an actual pumpkin the night before Halloween (thanks to my mother in law) so that kids would know that we wanted them to trick-or-treat us. 

We have Husky Fever!
It worked.  We had about 40 little trick-or-treaters come by, and I had one very excited and happy Hubby.  Who knew he loves handing out candy to strangers??

I just don't get excited about decorating for holidays other than Christmas.  Am I the only one?  Because clearly the people down the block don't agree with me.  They were back at it (remember their giant Easter bunny??).

Really? They needed the demon-cat??
I am going to pull my Christmas stuff out this week and assess what I have.  I know I'm going to be sorely lacking in the decoration department now that I actually have a whole house to decorate.

The one thing I have going for me is that Chris and I had a serious discussion last night about where our Christmas Tree was going to go.  Major design decision made- score one for us.

Now I start my next countdown- 25 days until Chris lets me get a Christmas tree!