Wordless Wednesday: Momsessed

Little man is 33 week old.

Which is practically how long I waited for him to be born (I didn't know I was pregnant intil I was about 6.5 weeks along).

How did the last 33 weeks go so much faster than the previous 33 weeks?

Funny how that happens....

So, since I get around to posting these only every 15 weeks or so, here is the next installment of weekly photos of Hunter. 

Here is where we left off.  You can see the full 14 weeks here.

And here are weeks 15-33

Can you believe how big he is and how far he's come?

He is days away from crawling, eating all different types of fruits, waving goodbye, sticking his tongue out and saying "Da Da Da." He'll be driving a car and graduating high school before I know it.

Since I only get around to these pictures every few months, I thought I would start posting them weekly here.  If you are interested in seeing little man grow up, feel free to check it out.