Hotel California

So, this happened a few weeks ago....

It was the perfect storm of running out of back up outfits and being on vacation with my niece (who happened to have an extra outfit).

Sorry little guy, but it was either wear this or go naked in public.

Plus, this photo is going to be priceless someday.

A few weeks ago we snuck away to San Jose for a quick trip to see my older sister & her family.

Despite being dressed in girl's clothes, Hunter had a blast in California.

It was a fantastic few days away in the sun, and a much needed vacation.

My sister has a daughter who is 3 months older than Hunter (but luckily wears the same size as him), and watching the babies play together was the best part of the weekend.  

We lounged in the sun, swam in the pool and our niece (and Goddaughter) was baptized.  All in all a great weekend.  Here are the highlights.

Annabell got baptized in the sweetest little town- Los Gatos, at a beautiful church.  Us Seattleites soaked up the sun before the service, and apparently we all got the blue-memo.

 She wore my sister's baptism gown, which is a very sweet tradition.
Hunter showed up in his most dapper outfit, and kept his cap on at least for one photo.

We partied in their backyard to celebrate.  It was quite warm.  So hunter went from clothed, to unclothed pretty quick. As much as I love his hat and suspenders, I've got to say I love a naked baby.

Annabelle changed into her party dress, but Hunter was enjoying his nearly naked state and he decided not to get dressed for the rest of the day.

We spent a ton of time in and around the pool, which was a blast.
And the rest of the time, we played in their backyard and Annabelle taught Hunter to eat teething biscuits (his new favorite thing).

It was such a great time, we can't wait to go back.