Warm up

I'm going to give you one guess of what we are doing to our house right now.
If you guessed remodeling again, you would be dead on. (You are so smart)

Our living room is in a new state of disrepair.

It's what I like to call minimalist-chic.  Others may call it empty (& messy).

Tomato, toma(h)to.

It is empty because we are currently adding the one thing our charming old house was missing- a master suite fireplace.
When we were on the house hunt, we had a pretty short list of must-haves, then a medium sized list of nice-to-haves, and a somewhat longer list of would-be-cools.

A fireplaces was not originally on any of our lists, but after we saw a few houses (which were lacking our other must-haves) we realized we really liked the idea of a fireplace in our home.

So we added it to our list of potential house projects.

It finally came up as "next" on the list, so here we are...in late spring/early summer installing a fireplace.  Our timing is impeccable.

At least we did get the "off-season" discount...so maybe our timing is better than I thought.

So, since we still don't have our "forever furniture" for this room yet (seriously West Elm?!?), we cleared it out completely so the workers could have lots of space to use for our fireplace install and mantle build. Plus, it would be less items that would need to be covered or cleaned post construction.

So, in order to empty this room, we had to put all the furniture somewhere- and that somewhere happened to be the closest room- the office.

It looks like the drop off site of Goodwill right now.

The guys came last week and installed the frame and box for the fireplace, but the next step is having a custom mantle built to go around it.

It should look something like this when it is done.

Except, the walls won't be green. I'm actually considering blue ombre stripes....but I haven't told Chris that yet. I am not sure how that conversation will go or if his head will explode when I get to the part about ombre.

Anyway, the fireplace will stick out into the room a bit, but it will be so nice to have a mantel to decorate, a place to hang stockings and a cozy place to sit.

The mantle should be done next week, and if I can get my act together, perhaps I will spend memorial day painting the walls and sweating because you know I'm going to want to use the fireplace.

Wish me luck.