Back ordered

Patience is not my specialty.

So naturally, when we set out to furnish our newly empty living room, I wanted all the new furniture NOW.

Apparently that's not how it works in the furniture world these days.  They are all in cahoots to teach me patience.

It's a conspiracy.

First, we went through the whole couch debacle, and when we finally agreed on a coffee table and chairs from West Elm, they are back ordered.


At least I can imagine what they would look like in my living room by staring at the pictures.

We've been living with a temporary living room set up for months- with the loaner couch and the chairs and table from our office.

At least we did get our new rug, so we have been able to enjoy it (and Ketchum has been able to get it dirty) for about a month now. 

I'm super pleased with this green and cream chevron rug from Rugs USA, and the best part- we got it on a flash 75% off sale, so we got a $500 rug for $125!  

We've been patiently waiting for our new chairs and table to arrive, but now I can look forward to another month of temporary furniture because I got this email yesterday:
They were originally back ordered until January 17, and now it says they should be shipped on April 19.

Seriously not cool West Elm.

I want my new furniture now!

The only good thing is that our custom ordered couch finally arrived. 

So we had to say goodbye to the loaner couch (aka the fur magnet), and I have to say, I was not sad to see it go.

I was super excited to see the new couch in the space, and of course I had to to tweak the layout- which is much closer to how the layout will look when our real furniture arrives.

So we are two steps closer to living room completion, but still a few steps (and months) away.