Wordless Wednesday: Hungry

With a baby and a puppy, it seems like at all hours of the day SOMEONE is hungry....and usually its me.

Ketchum has a completely unrefined pallet....he. will. eat. anything.


Dirt, leaves, rocks, rope, baby socks, part of the rug, his own poop (someone please tell me how I can stop this).

So, we were in the front yard over the weekend enjoying the sunshine, when Ketchum walks up to me eating something (that he wasn't supposed to), and I caught him licking his lips.

This may be my favorite puppy picture to date.

10 1/2 months
Speaking of food, Little man has learned how to hold his own bottle.
5 1/2 months
Hunter is pretty much all hands & mouth these days.  If he can grab it, he will... and inevitabley, it will end up in his mouth.  

Hair? Jewelry? Clothing? Blankets? Napkins & utensils? Ketchum Fur?

Yes, all the of the above.

I should note that he also "holds on" while nursing, but that would be a less cute & much more awkward picture to post.

One baby trick he doesn't know how to do?

Grow hair.

Happy Wednesday!