Everything is better with bacon.

That is a proven fact.

But what is unproven (in our lives at least) is how much bacon we can consume and how quickly.

In case you are wondering, there is a world record on bacon eating (who's shocked?).  Its held by a guy who ate 54 strips of bacon in 5 minutes back in 2010.  Apparently, the pork shortage last year has suspended any bacon-eating contests....lucky for the record holder and for all those pigs!

Anyway, we are having a Bacon-apalooza, a Baconfest... a fair of bacon if you will.

Our challenge, if we choose to accept it, is to eat 3 pounds of bacon in a week (or before it goes bad)...I wonder how long I can keep an open package of bacon in the fridge?

Why are we taking the bacon-challenge?

Well, it comes down to a series of unfortunate events, and my utter inability to see bacon go to waste.

A few months ago I started buying bacon in bulk.

I will never know why it took me so long to hop on that band wagon.

Bulk bacon = genius.

Anyway, I started buying the 3lb packs of thick cut bacon, and when I got home, I would freeze 6 strips together, so I could pull out individual bacon packs for breakfast on the weekends.

Well, after a shopping trip a few weeks ago, I came home to a hungry baby so I dropped the groceries on the counter and went to feed the babe.

When I came back, the groceries were all put away, like the grocery fairy visited while I left the room.

It was magical, until I realized a few days later that the grocery fairy didn't portion out the bulk bacon, so now I had a frozen 3 pound brick of bacon.

So, in an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, it's Bacon-apalooza at our house all week!

Yes, I realize this is how we potentially clog ALL of our arteries at once, but hey, the world record holder ate 54 slices in 5 minutes. I'm only talking about 30 slices in 7 days, split between 2 people.

Totally doable.

Oh, and for the calorie conscious math wizards out there, each slice is 80 calories. Which means that if I ate the whole slab, I'd be eating the caloric equivalent of what Chris should eat in a day (2,400), and what I should eat in two days (if I could actually exist on 1,200 a day, which is never going to happen).

But, since there are two of us, we will each down the 1,200 extra calories like the non-bacon-wasting champions that we are.

Now for the fun part.

Well, beside actually eating the bacon, that is the real fun part.

Planning menus for the week that up our bacon intake.

The key is to sprinkle the bacon into our diet without going whole hog (ha ha) so that the mere mention of the fatty pork makes us want to die.

So, to kick off the week, I made my own version of a bacon breakfast sandwich.  It was darn tasty.

Breakfast Bacon-wich

1 par-baked cibatta roll
3 strips bacon, cooked
Egg, fried 
Avocado, smashed
Lettuce, chopped
Spicy garlic Mayo
        -Mayo, Garlic powder, Chili powder

I first cooked the bacon in a frying pan, set it aside and fried the egg. While I was doing that, I put the par-baked ciabatta roll in the oven to warm/crisp.

I mixed the mayo/garlic powder & chili powder to taste and then started to assemble.

Mayo & Avocado
Egg & Tomato

Bacon & Lettuce
Ta Da!  The Breakfast Bacon-wich.

Only 24 more slices of bacon to go.

What's your favorite bacon recipe?  Please send it to me, I need more bacon-spiration!