Loaner Couch

Want to know a secret?

Our basement is done!

Trust me, I'm trying to get around to posting some pictures and gushing over the details, but using the computer is pretty low on my list of to-dos these days.

As I'm typing, I'm literally counting the minutes until Hunter wakes up from his nap.  I (stupidly) spent the first 40 minutes of his nap doing dishes, wiping the counters and rearranging the fridge (what??). Then I shoved a half of a blueberry muffin in my mouth- lets call it 2nd lunch (actually it started as half, but then I ate the whole thing- and it was my second of the day- don't judge), so now I have about 5 minutes until the little guy wakes up.

So while I sift through all the hundreds of remodel pictures during his next nap, lets talk about a less picture heavy topic- our loaner couch.

We have a temporary visitor in our living room.  
We call him our loaner couch, and we are pretty pleased to have him around- mostly so we don't have to sit on the floor.

Yes, the couch is a he.

No, he doesn't have a name.  Just 'loaner couch'- we are not getting too attached.

We don't love him, but he is just fine for a few months.

With the finished basement, we uprooted all our living room furniture and schlepped it downstairs (to be fair, I didn't schlep anything, Chris and our contractor did) which left us with a very empty room in the front of our house.
This is my new break-dancing practice space.
We had never planned on keeping our over-sized furniture in the living room of our house, but we already owned it (from the condo), and so we lived with it knowing that it wouldn't be forever.

So the minute the basement paint had dried, we brought furniture down there- mostly to prevent Chris from having to watch his new TV from the floor (neck cramps are rough).

I'm not going to disgust you with a photo of what we found UNDER the couch, but there was enough dog hair to make a miniature Ketch.  It was REALLY gross.  Too gross to document with a photo. You're welcome.

On the up side, Ketchum found quite a few bones that he had forgot even existed, so he was one happy pup.

So a few months ago, we started our search for the perfect furniture for the living room.

We knew that we wanted it to be a formal living room, meaning no TV in that room, NOT meaning a room that is so stuffy that we never use it.  

We also knew we needed to find more appropriately sized furniture, like a smaller couch and some low profile chairs.

Chris has been wanting a dark grey mid-century couch, and I wanted some patterned chairs. 

So, we set out to get a couch, which you would think would be easy.


Easy doesn't exist in the quest to find the perfect couch.

We started out by going to boutique furniture shops in all the trendy neighborhoods. 

Nothing was quite right, of course.

We needed something in a very specific length, in a very specific style, and if you have ever met my husband, you know he is VERY SPECIFIC.  

About everything.

And this couch was his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- a wonderful idea, but impossible to find in reality.

So, we schlepped the baby all over the city, plopping our tired buns on couch after couch.

We were the Golidlocks of couch shoppers- too hard, too tall, too scratchy, too ugly, too large, too frumpy, all in all- not quite right.

So, when we took a second pass at a couch we kind of liked, just to see if it grew on us, we realized that it had.

It wasn't the perfect couch, but after searching high and low, we realized that the perfect couch wasn't out there and that this one was as good as we were going to get.

So we placed the order and took a collective sigh of relief. 

We were done. In 6-8 weeks, our beautiful, custom couch would be delivered to our front door.

Unfortunately, our joy was short lived.  A few days later, we got the call telling us that the company went on strike and they had no idea when they would be back.

Couch strike = no couch for our living room.   

The last thing we wanted was a giant empty room for the next few months while we waited out a couch workers strike.

So we got back to pounding the pavement and checked out new stores that we hadn't yet visited.

Then we stumbled upon a store, aptly named "Couch."

Hello, why didn't we go here first?

At Couch, they make everything custom.  You basically start with a "base couch" then adjust everything from cushion softness (I wanted it soft), fabric color and type, legs, rise from the floor (we needed it lowered for our short legs), arm height, back height.... and on and on and on.

They had what we were looking for.

Thank goodness.

I don't think I (or Hunter) could stand any more couch shopping.    

He picked the winner.
We all agreed (including Hunter), done deal. 

Please make it and deliver it to my house asap.

Unfortunately since everything is custom, it is a 3 month wait.  3 months.  That is sooooo long, to have nothing to sit on.

Then, the saleswoman tells us that they have a "loaner couch" that she could send to our house so that we have something to sit on until our real couch gets delivered.

Sign us up.

A free couch to tied us over?

We will take it.

So, 3 days later, it showed up in all it's loaner glory.

It is a completely non-offensive tan, and the only down side is that it is like a magnet for Ketchum hair.

Oh well, I am just embracing it.

While we were at it, we ordered some chairs (also custom) a coffee table (backordered), a new rug (the one thing that has arrived) so sometime in the next few months we will have our living room put together.

Until the, we set up a temporary living room.      

You can spot the new rug peaking out, and holla- we finally have curtains up!!  

Lets call this the definition of a work in progress.