Wordless Wednesday: 2013

Happy New Year!

Lets gloss over the fact that it's been 2013 for 9 days now, and pretend that I got around to setting goals a week ago.

Actually, lets be really honest.  My goal for 2013 is to shower every day, go back to work, be a good mom to Hunter and Ketchum and just live life.  Everything else is just gravy.

So this year, there will be no resolutions.  

I'm not even going to call them goals.  I just have some things I want to do.  

So here they are....in pictures.

Lets also gloss over the fact that there are a lot of words in this Wordless Wednesday post.

1. Play with this little guy:  I mean really play.  Get down on the ground, roll around and crawl next to him (no he's not crawling yet). Put down the cell phone, turn off the tv, turn on the radio and dance around the living room.  Sing the ABC's 101 times and make up new verses to the itsy bitsy spider. I know he's too young to remember it, but I will.

2. Get this guy outside once a day: Even on the really gross days, even if it's just around the block, I will get him outside. He loves it and it makes him happy, which makes me happy, and saves million of baby socks from being chewed to bits.

3. Don't buy any new cleaning products until I go through every single one of these: Seriously, who needs this many cleaning products?  To be fair, most of them were left over in our basement from the last owners who apparently were addicted to cleaning products. But still, I need to use them and them be done with them...and then I'd get a whole shelf back! Apparently 2013 will be a very clean year.

4. Get back into the DIY swing of things: With pregnancy and then the baby, DIY became ITT (I'm too tired).  Although I'm still tired, it's a manageable kind of tired, and I miss doing projects.  So I have kicked this year off already and bought all of these things to hopefully coax me back into DIY.

5. Finish 2011, 2012 and Hunter's first year photo books: As you can see, the last photo book I have done is 2010.  Ugh, this is a daunting task, but the further behind you get, the further behind you get... and on and on.  So, I'm going to tackle this one head on and try to work on these a little bit each night. Instead of watching another Homeland episode (OMG such a great show), I will do a few pages of a book.

OK, spill it, what is on your list for 2013? 

Do one Pinterest project a month? Try a new hairstyle? Take the stairs? Get 10 hours of sleep each night? Experiment with a new recipe each week?

Heck, I'd like to do all of those, but I'm full up with my 5 so you do them and then let me know how they go.