State of the Household

6 weeks.

37 days if I'm going to get technical.

That's how long Hunter has been in our family.

I can't believe how fast time has gone.

Or how big our little man is getting.  

Or how bald.
Thanks to my friends at DNA for the Onesies of the Month!
Poor little guy is losing his hair, and the top of his head is going first.... he gets that from me.  I was a bald bald baby (and toddler).

We are still figuring out our nights, which means sometimes we spend our days sleeping. When we spend our days sleeping, I get absolutely nothing done. No showering, no cleaning, no meal planning, and definitely no computer time.

So, since I've been MIA, here is a catch up from the last few weeks:

Ketchum graduated puppy kindergarten. This, is really not very impressive.  It is really more based on attendance than any kind of obedience achievements. 
He also peed on the floor in his second to last class, luckily there are no demerits in puppy class.  

On the upside, we got the digits of another puppy (well technically, it was the puppy's owner- puppies can't use cell phones; they don't have thumbs).   Actually the instructor suggested that we exchange numbers for some outside of class playtime.  So I'm not sure that the girl so much wanted my number or if she felt like she was pressured into it.  Either way, I felt like the popular kid.

Why exactly was I at puppy class while I had an infant at home?  Because it was Chris and Hunter's man night at home, when Hunter took his first bottle.  This is a milestone in the life of any mom.  Its when you realize you will actually be able to leave and do things without a 7 pound passenger clinging to you.
He was a champ and didn't even flinch at the bottle.  What can I say, my little guy likes to eat.

Speaking of eating, at 8 days old we went out to our first restaurant dinner. Hunter slept through the whole thing, and I drank my first margarita in nearly a year.

Oh tequila, how I missed you.

After two weeks, Chris went back to work full time, meaning he left the house instead of working from the home office, and Hunter and I started figuring out how to fill our days.

Turns out, we are really good at shopping and going out to eat.  He loves motion, so if I put him in his carseat and drive him further than a block, he is out cold.  He stays asleep for a good hour after the drive, so that buys me just enough time to make it in and out of a few stores or have lunch with friends.

I have also been spending more time on Craigslist than usual. I realize new things I need and then I use my one free hand (cause one is always holding Hunter- who refuses to be put down) to surf the web for deals.

Speaking of deals, I sold King Charles II. I tried putting him in lots of different rooms, and he just didn't fit anywhere, so I put him up on CL and a lovely couple came to buy him.  They didn't even try to talk me down from the $175 price I had set.  They just handed over the crisp bills and hauled him away.  Although I was sad to see him go, I was pretty pleased with my $130 profit.

Not quite sure what I am going to buy with my profits, but I'm holding onto the cash until I find something I want. 

I really haven't bought anything for myself in months.  I am waiting to shop for myself until I am back to my pre-baby weight (almost there). I did sneak away and hit the mall last week to buy myself something I had been wanting: Clinque's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

Why do I need this?

Because my acne is GONE

Can you believe it?  I almost can't.

It has been one whole year since I started my homeopathic remedy, and I am so excited to be acne free.  I am sure I would have had clear skin months ago had I not been pregnant, but all those pesky hormones got in the way of clearing up my skin.

So there you have it.  That is the state of the household. 

We are all doing great. 

Tired, but great.