Wordless Wednesday: Two little loves

I have fallen behind the curve...in pretty much everything.

Exhibit A: Fashion....ugh, not sure I remember what that is.  I was stuck in maternity clothes for so long that my high heels shriveled up and died. If it wasn't for my friend Liz, I would have no idea that pointy toed heels were back in....so much for those round toed wedges I bought last week.....

Anyway, I'm trying to catch back up with all the trends although my feet are NOT ready for pointy heels just yet...but I am ready to jump on the Wordless Wednesday bandwagon.

All the cool bloggers do it, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em....or something like that.

I think its genius.  You don't have to write anything, you just post pictures every Wednesday.

Now that, I can do.  Easy peasy. 

Pics of Ketchum and Hunter will flood your Wednesdays from here are out.

You've been warned.

Since today is my inagural Wordless Wednesday, and I have clearly already violated the cardinal rule of no words- I figure I may as well keep it up and explain what you are about to see.

We got some professional pics taken of our family a few weeks ago, and I just got them back.  I love so many, that only posting a few is a bit like torture.

But the key to everything in life is editing....ain't that the truth?

I don't have many professional pictures of myself or of Chris.  We got engagement and wedding pics nearly 5 years ago and that was it.  And really, how many pictures can you frame of yourself in a huge white dress??? 

Two.  The answer is two.

So, now that we have the baby and the puppy, we figured it was high time to get some new shots.  Capture the babe and the pup when they are still small, and have at least one photo that we can use for a holiday card.

I reached out to Rosanna, an old friend who is just launching her photography business and she was kind enough to come over the very next weekend and do a shoot at our house (talk about speedy service), and she didn't even bat an eye when I asked if Ketchum could be in the pics too.

Working with a baby is tough, working with a baby and a puppy....nightmare.

She was a great sport about it, and she now understands that we have two little loves in our life, not just one.  Ketchum even got his very own photo shoot while Hunter was get a diaper change.... I loved it.

OK, so without further ado, here are some of my faves. 

If you end up getting a holiday card from us (if I ever get them designed and sent out), pretend you didn't see these. OK? 

Oh, and if you are in the Seattle area and would like some pics of your own, Rosanna is working on her photography website now, but you can contact her via twitter, or you can email me and I will get you in touch.

OK, Wordless Wednesday starts NOW.



I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your friends & family!