Construction chaos

With all the construction, a literal jungle gym has been built in my living room.

Living room
Dining room
Inside our front door
This used to be our office
I literally had to climb over misplaced furniture to dig out my computer and camera just so I was sure I could document the progress of construction chaos over here.

Let me tell you.  Things are getting crazy up in here.

Actually, so crazy that I have repeatedly asked Chris if we can just move out for 2 more weeks so we don't have to live in this anymore.

In case anyone is wondering.  He said no.

All week, we've been coming home to what looks a heck of a lot like a Dexter Kill room (if you are not watching Dexter, please refer to this post). In the show, Dexter drapes his kill rooms with heavy plastic to contain and evidence.  That is what my flooring guys are doing too.... although I'm pretty sure they are trying to contain dust.
This is the wall we knocked down between the kitchen and dining room
This is the opening to the upstairs
Did your keen eye happen to catch that my oven is sitting in my dining room?

To answer the question you are all dying to know.  No, we can't cook anymore.  And yes, it is blocking our fridge, which is also in the dining room, which means we can't get anything out of the fridge either.  And yes again, both of these things make life super convenient.

Strategic placement.  Way to go floor guys.
Even if we wanted to bring home take out, we don't have any surfaces in our kitchen that are even usable.
Dinner, with a side of dust
Plus, our dishwasher is no longer screwed in, so we can't use that either, which means, this is the awesome situation happening in our sink right now......
Who wants to come to dinner at our house???
We thought about doing all the dishes by hand,  but there is no "safe place" where the dust won't get to them.  Case and point... these platters were sparkling clean when we started construction,  but since they are so big, we didn't have anywhere to put them, so they ended up in the corner of the counter.  This was a bad decision.
Exhibit A
I forgot to mention the things we have "lost" in this construction.  Inevitably, things break or get ruined.  Exhibit A: our toaster.  It has so much dust inside it, that Chris deemed it un-cleanable (which was probably a really good call), but luckily we already had a new one (that was a wedding gift) in our pantry, so we have been able to safely toast some things as long as we put the new toaster back in its box to protect it.

We also lost a beautiful vase (Exhibit B), which was coincidentally also from our wedding.  Oh well, it was 4 years old, it was time for it to go.
Exhibit B
 The good news is that the floors are in and they are curing as we speak.  Here is what it looks like without the stain on it.

Oh, and lucky for us, we still haven't gotten around to getting the back yard done- but the hole in the back has made a great spot for our contractor to dump all the carpet, wood and other random crap.  Its a win-win!
All in all, life is good.  Very dusty, but good.  I'm counting down the days until we have a finished kitchen and I can cook at home again.  Who ever thought I would get tired of eating out????