Goodwill Hunting

Who doesn't love Goodwill hunting?

Lets clarify what we are talking about here.

But that is not what we are talking about.

I'm talking about hunting at Goodwill.
You know, sorting through other people's random crap.

Most of the time it is just that.  Crap.  And it had a weird smell.

But I brave the crap and the smell for the thrill of the hunt.

Since it's winter in Seattle, the garage sales are all closed down for the season, so Goodwill is the closest thing I've got to keep the thrill of the hunt alive.

There is a great Goodwill in Ballard (my old stomping grounds) and I try to swing by whenever I'm in the area.

Recently I have found some AMAZING items.  Seriously amazing.

Even people who are anti-goodwill or hate used stuff can appreciate my finds. Because they are amazing.  One more time for emphasis.  Amazing. I hope I haven't over sold it.

I try to go there with an idea of what I'm looking for.  I find that if I just go in and wander aimlessly, I won't find anything.

I have recently went looking for glittery stuff for Christmas.

I came across these little salad plates, and the silver glitter stripes caught my eye.

Although I didn't really need 8 new salad plates, there was something about them that I really loved- and they were only $.99 each.  They had a very Holiday feeling about them so I just couldn't resist.

As I was examining them all to make sure they were great (aka not chipped), I happened to flipped one over and saw this.

Can you say SOLD!

You know my love affair with West Elm. It was the sign I needed to tell me that I had to have these plates.

Of course I've found a million reasons to use them already.

I also found this platter that was calling my name.  I couldn't help myself from swooping it up for a centerpiece for our table.
For 2.99 the price was right, and it also was very holiday, in a glittery sort of way.  I had just bought a new large bell dome and I knew it would make a great plate to go under it.  I tossed it on the table as a centerpiece and it looked great.

I actually like it so much, I used it for our Holiday centerpiece too,

I also fell in love with this little itty-bitty plate.  I liked the blue and white pattern and I knew I could place a candle or something cute on it and put it in the living room.

While I was walking around with the cute plate in my hand, I saw this glass mini dome.

I am pretty sure its from a candle holder where the glass hangs with the open part facing up.  Well, I figured I could flip it over and voila- it's a mini dome!
For anyone counting, that makes 3 domes in our house now. Small, medium and large.

I also found these place mats, that I was strangely attracted to.  I haven't found a way to use these yet, although I'm considering framing them and hanging them as a set.

Last but not least, I found these bad boys.

J Crew black heels that are BRAND NEW for $5.99.

Seriously, not even a scuff on the soles.


I can not even describe how much I love these cute little shoes. Plus, I checked Ebay and the same shoe is selling for $49.00 USED!  Score.

Goodwill coming through again.  I have to limit the amount of times I go there because I can't stop finding amazing things there.  I'm going to go broke $5 at a time.