Back when we moved in (4 months ago, time flies!), the old homeowners left all sorts of random crap in the house.  

They left a toothbrush and toothpaste in the downstairs bedroom (both used), which I'm embarrassed to say that I only threw away 2 weeks ago.... gross, I know.  They also left us about 16 rolls of toilet paper (unused), a cinnamon scented bundle of display sticks (went in the garbage) and they left lots of small rugs. I didn't mind the rugs because it was nice moving in and having rugs to cover some parts of our floor.  None of the rugs were actually attractive, but at least they were functional.

I figured the rugs were like a closing gift for us.  Or maybe they just forgot to pack them up- finders keepers, no take backs!

Well, the cream colored rug they had left inside the front door, quickly became brown/grayish colored and pretty gross looking from wiping our feet on it.  I, being the genius that I am, threw it in the washer.  FYI rugs and washers don't usually go together. Not only did the rug NOT come clean, but it got all warped and wouldn't lay flat. Way to ruin a perfectly good FREE rug.

So, instead of buying a new rug, I found another one that we weren't using in the stack of random rugs old homeowner leftovers.  It just happened to be a bathroom rug. I lied to myself that it didn't look that bad, and maybe it was passable for the living room, but in all reality it was REALLY bad.  But hey, it did the trick, and it's hard to dirty a brown rug.   Plus free is almost always better than not-free. 

I basked in the free-ness of the rug for so long, that I didn't throughly think through the implications of a used bathroom rug.  It wasn't until recently (like last week) that I realized that were was a high probability that they old homeowers actually used this rug in a bathroom, which made me then realize that there was a pretty good chance they stood on that rug naked.

Yep, I have a used naked-guy-rug in my living room.

Gross. Gross.  Double Gross.  It had to go IMMEDIATELY.

Maybe I should have washed it first.  Who knows what was on it...

I knew that it was a bad solution and that it looked weird, but for a while I didn't care. Thank you to all my recent guests who had the tact to not make any jokes about this rug to my face.  Now that I realized it's past naked possibilities, I will make jokes about it!

I finally rectified the situation.  I went out and bought a new rug that can withstand some dirty shoes and I am almost positive has never been stood on by a naked man. At least I hope not.

Ignore the tag.  If you are dying to know it was $7.99 at TJ Maxx
Anyone in the market for a slightly used, possibly used by a naked guy brown bathroom rug??  I'll give it to you free :)