Babies, babies everywhere

Is anyone else experiencing a baby boom this summer?

If you are anything like me, pretty much everyone I know decided to go and get knocked up in the last few months. Family, friends, coworkers, complete strangers in the store and even my ZUMBA instructor.

I on the other hand, am now exclusively drinking bottled water diet coke, so I don't "catch" it.

I am thoroughly enjoying making baby cards, buying baby gifts and throwing baby showers.

One of my besties, Sara and her hubby are expecting little Baby Boy in the fall and since she is an overworked mama-to-be, I thought I would help them with a little nursery design.  She didn't really ask for that.  To be fair, she asked if I had any ideas and if we could go garage saling when we go to visit them.

I heard her say that and translated it in my head into "Hey Ash, will you fully design me a nursery and then come garage saling with me to buy everything we need in one weekend?"

As if I don't have enough home projects of my own, I feel the need to force home projects upon the ones I love.

Anyway, I can't let little Baby Boy be brought home to just any room.  He needs to come home to a beautiful room made just for him.

I think me and Baby boy are going to be tight.  Maybe I'll make him call me Aunt Ashley, even though I'm not his aunt.  Maybe behind my back he'll call me Crazy Aunt Ashley, which I'm fine with because I still get to be "Aunt Ashley."

Are you understanding my excitement over Baby Boy?

Anyway, since I have no babies of my own to design a room for, here is what I designed for Baby Boy. Most of my photos came from Pinterest- it's an amazing place to get inspiration. If you are not already pinning, get on over there.

Color pallet: Teal/Aqua, Orange, light grey and white

Walls: Thick white/grey horizontal stripes on the walls.

Rugs:  Orange pattern or orange chevron stripe and a fuzzy faux sheepskin rug

I've seen carpets DIY'ed, so it's possible to do this....

Seating:  A cozy white corner chair/glider and a silver metallic pouf-ottoman

Changing table & dresser: Dark wood with a white top & a changing pad on top

Great diy idea Young House Love
Crib: I'm torn between a crisp white crib and a dark wood crib.  Either will match the dresser, but a dark wood one may balance out the white chair.  Decisions, decisions.  Maybe find one with both, like the one below??

We could totally DIY this to any wood crib

Decor:  I want a white frame photo wall above the crib, a white framed chalkboard, some giraffe and alphabet prints, and crib flags.

You don't even need a sewing machine to DIY these cute little flags

We can buy a ton of frames at sales, and spray them white!
DIY- This would be in teal and orange

DIY- I want to hang this from a teal ribbon

Linens:  Some flowy soft printed curtains, blue/white/orange linens, fun patterned pillows (one with a bird- because it's Portland)

We can make these from sheets or fabric

I'm totally loving this one.
"Put a bird on it"

Mobile: I am all about a DIY mobile, these are all great.

Here is the final mock up I've come up with:

Fancy huh?  Clearly I'm not a professional (plus I stole images all over the Internet), but I'm hell bent on finding many of these things at garage sales, on craigslist and DIYing a lot.  I'm so excited to see it in real life.  If they let me do this, I will get back to everyone will pictures of the final product.

Ok, who's next? Want me to non-professionally "design" a room for you? 

Want to come garage saling and DIYing with me?  Lets do it!