Completely cozy

So do you remember what our den used to look like?  Ha, me neither.  Well, I do, but I apparently took no pictures, so you will just have to imagine the den with yellow walls, creepy carpet and nothing in it.  

Got a mental picture??  Good.

It has come a long way down the cozy train since that first few weeks, when we literally only used that room as a pass through to our upstairs.

It all started with a couch-in-a-box, and even back then I was pining away for this rug that I thought I would never have.  

Well, like my mom told me.  Good things that come to those who wait.  Guess what?  She was right??  Only 5 months of waiting, to get the rug-of-my-dreams.

Remember how I drove all the way to Portland and still couldn't get it?  Well, I ordered it online and it finally arrived today!

I was so excited that I couldn't contain myself.  I ripped it open and laid it down as fast as I could.  It was like Christmas morning.

Well folks, my life room is finally complete.  I know this doesn't sound like much, but it is the first room in the house that is finally completely decorated.

Just for fun, lets do a run down of everything that was done in here and how much it cost (because seeing how inexpensive the makeover was, makes me giddy).
  • New wall color
    • Valspar paint in Wood Smoke from Lowes      $45
  • Vintage trunk coffee table 
    • Gifted from my parents                                        $ 0
  • Couch-in-a-box joined the family
    • World Market on sale with coupon                    $ 350.00
  •  Black console table
    • Garage Sale score                                                   $5.00
  • Console table accessories: Lemons, silver basket, frames
    •  Garage sale finds                                                   $7
  • Took down old speaker platforms                                $0
  • Rug
    • West Elm splurge                                                    $239.00
  • Art
    • World Market                                                         $108.00
  • Shelf, frames,  silver accessories
    • Garage sale finds                                                    $4.00
  • Piano bench
    • Gifted from my parents                                         $ 0
  • Pillows
    • Ikea, World Market                                                $45.00
  • Lamps, blankets, ottoman
    • Already owned                                                        $0
  • Yellow tray
    • Fred Meyer clearance section                              $5
So after all the shopping, garage saling, painting, online shopping and framing, this is my favorite room in the house.

So our total of $808 to turn the room from nothing but a pass-through, to this!  (Please remember that this amount includes a couch!)

Cozy right?
To me, it is the best place to snuggle up with a blanket and settle in for a Real Housewives or Law and Order SVU marathon (I like classy TV what can I say).

Somewhere down the line I would love to rip up the carpet and make this room hard woods.  Hey, if we get lucky maybe there will be hard woods underneath there that we just need to refinish.  Crossing our fingers on that one!