Idaho, no you-daho

Please tell me I'm not the only one who automatically responds with "you-daho" when someone says "Idaho."  Anyone?  Hmmm.  Ok just me (like pretty much everything else). You know you are thinking the same thing, I'm just saying it out loud.

In case you and I are not BFF's and you don't keep up on my travel plans,  I was in Idaho for the 4th of July.
This, my friends, was not my first rodeo in Idaho (no Carrie, I didn't actually go to a rodeo).  What I mean to say is that I am not an Idaho virgin. Me and Idaho go WAY back... all the way back to 1998 when I had braces and bronze colored hair (true story- but for another time).  I was super cool and pretty much the most popular girl in high school Jazz Choir.  Actually, that was a lie. I wasn't even the most popular girl in jazz choir- its tough when you have a metallic hair color and a metallic mouth (my hotness was out of control). 

{This would be a perfect place to insert a pic, but alas, it was years before the invention of the digital camera- thank the little baby Jesus- no one needs to see that (again)}

Anyway, being that I was in a "competitive" jazz choir, we would head East to Moscow, Idaho every year for their Jazz festival, which we would NEVER win.  I mean, we would not only not win, but we didn't even place, we didn't even go home with runner-up-to-the-runner-up ribbons.  It could have been the awful red chiffon scarves we wore around our necks... or perhaps our horrible song selection.  Either way.  We were not good. 

Back in my Moscow days, Idaho seemed like a pretty crappy place.  Maybe because I was in Moscow..... But then I grew up and went to Sun Valley.  I'm pretty sure this is the crowning jewel of all Idaho.  Its an awesome place.  What is funny is that my best friend from high school, who happened to be in Jazz choir with me (we eventually became cheerleaders- see, we got WAY cooler), was also the one who brought me to Sun valley. Like how I brought that full circle?  We have experienced the gamete of Idaho together.

Anyway, after seeing the beauty of Sun Valley, I knew Idaho had much more to offer than the crap-tastic Taco Time and Motor Inn that I experienced in Moscow.  So I had absolutely no reservations about heading to Post Falls/Coeur D'Alene for the 4th of July weekend.

Apparently Idaho is just bursting at the seams with beautiful places to visit (who knew?).  We stayed with our friends (remember the hide the gnome game we play with them?) in lovely Post Falls right by the river.  Beside all the lakes, rivers and general loveliness, I have to say that one of the best things about Idaho is that they have DRIVE-THRU ALCOHOL.  Who knew?????  

Everyone should drop what they are doing and head to Idaho immediately just to experience this amazingness.  You literally drive into a barn, aptly named the Beverage Barn (those clever Iadhoians), unroll your window, point at what kind of beer you want, give the guy your money and drive out with the 6 pack on your lap.  I'm dead serious.  This can't be legal any where else. Perhaps this is one of those "only in Idaho" things, kind of like gun racks in people's trucks (although I fear that is not only in Idaho, just not in Seattle- thank goodness).  I don't even drink beer and I thought it was the coolest EVER.  Actually I was pleasantly surprised that they carried Mike's Hard Lemonade margaritas, so I got myself some of those and drove away with them on my lap (clearly I'm a classy lady).

Clearly not the best photo, but you get the idea.... (Hi Tyler)
OK so I kind of got sidetracked on drive thru's and high school but what I really wanted to tell you is about Coeur D'Alene. It is the cutest little town.  We strolled up and down for hours and sampled a little bit of everything Coeur D'Alene had to offer.

Hudson's $2 cheeseburgers 
The lake- which is really cold BTW

The 4th of July Main street parade

Obviously we also did some shopping
I fell in love with a rug while we were shopping, but not having any kind of coupon or discount, I had to walk away.  I also was strangely attracted to these wood flower art things that we found at a little street fair.  Not exactly sure how to describe them but I honestly thought they would look cute in our den.

I wanted the 3 yellow flowers for the wall in the den
When I tried to convince Chris of getting these flowers, he looked at me like I had 2 heads.  But, it worked in my favor, because when I told him about the rug, he was much more excited about me buying it than I had expected.  We ended up going back and buying it (without a coupon- gasp!).  I figured it would be my souvenir from our trip to Idaho.  

I love you little Idaho rug
When we got home I placed it in the kitchen and I just love it.  I'm going to build my kitchen color palette around it (Green, light blue and Oatmeal/tan). Do you like how I brought my trip to Idaho back to being about my house?  Wow, I went from High school to alcohol to wood flowers and end up in my kitchen.  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

I plan on heading back to Idaho as soon as possible.  To drive through Beverage Barn if nothing else.  Or to hide another gnome.  Or maybe to attend a rodeo (not). Or to compete in the grown up Jazz festival- damn, I should have kept the red scarf.

Are you an Idaho lover as well?  Am I missing another amazing part of it?  If so, do tell.